The startup story behind the enhanced SMS experience


Founder – Apurva Kumar

With the invention of WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms, how popular have the SMS applications been left to? Updating your loved ones or sending them festive wishes no more takes place through SMS nowadays. However, it still holds the same importance as the olden times when social media platforms did not exist. How? SMS messages have transformed from a social platform to something professional and much in need.

Today, SMS messages are the backbone of communication when it comes to banks, online transactions, shopping, updates, etc. Every OTP you receive on your smartphone is through SMS. Be it a flight booking or a debit or credit update; it is the SMS application that keeps you updated with all. SMS messages have therefore been an evolved ecosystem where the customer expectations on service providers have been increased considerably. Likewise, the companies are using SMS systems immensely to keep their customers updated about each and everything.

The rising technology enhancing the SMS trends

The advancing technology has brought a massive improvement in the traditional way of SMS messages too. The SmartSMS app that uses the AI technique in the SMS has been one of the top examples since 2017. The SmartSMS organiser creates an excellent user experience by automatically organising text messages without any manual input from users. It uses AI and Machine Learning principles to create a superior experience of SMS messages.

The Idea behind the SmartSMS

The SmartSMS application was founded by the masterminds, Apurva Kumar, Vivek Sony and Nitin Tomar. They came up with an idea of implementing the new technology and smart features into SMS, changing the entire pattern of outlook to the customers. SmartSMS is an app that focuses on the challenges faced in the past such as filtering out important texts, events and reminders, identifying spam, etc.

As the name suggests, the smart application works smartly in integrating the requirements and giving customers a comprehensive view of their messages. So, the app is all about filtering out the messages you wish to and add them to a separate folder. This feature has majorly helped people keep track of their debits and credits allowing them to manage their finances efficiently.

Another interesting feature of the application is the scheduling of messages. Yes, users can now schedule their SMS for a future date and at a particular time.

Does it end here? No ways. There’s a lot more these masterminds have developed in this app. SmartSMS also allows the customers to back up their data into Google Drive and then restore the same in their app when changing their device.

The app further makes sure that the auto deleted spam texts or OTPs show as unread messages.

The mission of the SmartSMS team

Apurva Kumar, the founder of this amazing application, mentions the efforts put in by the team to develop this application into something as useful as possible. Every day is a new challenge where the team sits to work on finding out the innovative ways of making this application productive to the users. This has led the company to introduce new features now and then offering the best class experienced to the customers.

Lately, one of the major highlights of this application was the personal finance manager built in to track the payments received and made by the customer. Not just it, the application also introduced a technology where the application can track orders and returns made on e-commerce sites. Right from personal assistant to tracker and remainder assistants, the application has all of it built to ease the life of the user.

More features coming up at the SmartSMS

While working on the new aspects of the application, SmartSMS application would soon come up with personalised themes, compatibility with smartwatches, quick notes, SMS inbox management on the web, etc. In other words, as customers, we are likely to enjoy a completely new trend of SMS inbox experience.

What the SmartSMS app looks like currently?

With a rating of 4.7, the SmartSMS enjoys the highest and the most consistent Google Play store rating in the SMS Inbox organisation category. Conclusively, with a much retention rate of 55%, the app has about 30,000 daily active users with an average time of over 21 minutes spent per user, every day. The SmartSMS app, however, aims to gain an average of 60+ minutes daily by 2020.

Final Words

The secret behind the growth and success of the SmartSMS app is the term ‘acceptance.’ Yes, acceptance of suggestions and feedback has led their product managers to design the best products for the market. Understanding various customer problems like spam texts, the mix-up of messages, payments, etc., the SmartSMS app has successfully eased our lives to a great extent.

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