Luv Stay: The boon for unmarried couples


You know what the biggest myth in our country is? Let me say it out loud!


One of the biggest hoaxes of this culturally-rich country, India, is– Two unmarried couple can’t live together or rather, to be precise, make love with each other. Because in fact, it’s a complete fallacy. There is no law in the constitution of India which says, “It’s illegal for two adults to stay together.”

However, there is still a considerable chunk of ill-minded or illiterate people who don’t believe it  or resist to accept. Moreover, some of those people manage/owns or works at the hotels. And due to that fact, unmarried couples can’t enjoy their short-trips or weekend vacations or just make love privately in nearby hotels.

From another perspective, the hotel owners are smart enough to make money out of legal-illiterate people. They ask for more money or bribes to give them a stay. And most of the time the eager couples end up paying more, in some cases double or triple of its actual price.

However, don’t worry if you are one of those couples. Because we have got a perfect solution for you guys, so get a room at the end of this article đŸ˜‰

The above mentioned problems have only one answer. Filter out all the naysayers and overpricing scumbags, and choose from those hotels which understand the legality of the situation and don’t ask for the extra fees.

And this is precisely what the startup(Luv Stay) we are discussing does. I won’t need a full-length article to describe the function of this Hotel booking site because their Homepage and the Title says it all.




Luv Stay?

Luv Stay is  the first platform to provide “India’s budgeted couple friendly hotels.” As their tagline says, “Stay with your love, silently & Privately.”

It’s just another hotel aggregator in India but with some additional highlights.

Luv Stay comprise of the database of 135,00 “verified” hotels across India having 100% assurance of safety. This means, any adult couple despite the fact whether they are married or not can stay in these hotels. Also, a single person, traveler, or a guest can stay in the hotel.

Another feature that makes it different from their competitors is that one can pay for 12-hrs instead of full 24-hrs according to one’s need. Additionally, one can book tables for friends, pals, and clients at Luv Stay verified hotels, so don’t worry about renting a new office or just chatting.


Final words:

If you are an unmarried couple and want to enjoy yourselves privately, you can book any hotel without the fear of legal complications or police raids. We are not implying that you should book via “Luv Stay,” but their 135,00+ hotel network makes it easy.

FYI, if you didn’t book from ‘Luv Stay’ and went to a hotel where the owner or a bribed police officer states “It’s illegal for an unmarried couple to stay,” do not succumb. Instead, record their video stating it and send to Luv Stay. They will make sure the unethical person gets penalized.

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