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Website – Anveya

CEO – Vivek Singh

COO – Saurav Patnaik

Having a urge to launch beauty products brand that could mirror or overcome international beauty products brand in terms of product quality, Vivek Singh and Saurav Patnaik launched Anveya in Bangalore in the year 2018. Anveya was started with the aim of focusing on beauty, personal care, as well as wellness products that have a daily positive impact on the lives of people and planet.


It all started when Vivek’s wife travelled internationally and would buy hair and beauty products from abroad as there were no Indian hair products that would match or overcome the quality of international brands. When Vivek and his companion Saurav Patnaik reached and discussed about this to their friends and family, they realized that this is a typical common notion for every beauty products. Researching further into why there are no Indian brands available similar to international brands, and came to a conclusion that product research done in labs all over the world took too long to reach India. This idea led them to launch the brand ‘Anveya’, that would mirror or overcome international beauty products brand.


Anveya, an e-commerce beauty products brand that offers a range of products for skincare as well as healthcare that would give Indian consumers the mirror of international beauty products which is formulated and designed using deep nature technology to solve real beauty concerns. Anveya is a top notch level beauty brand that has made some incredible progress in terms of skincare and healthcare products. “We invest time, resources, and energy in clean products and technology, to promote and develop the most results-driven, cutting-edge formulations for your beauty and personal care needs” says Vivek Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Anveya

Anveya came out with its pure essential oil extracts and cold-pressed beauty oils in the year 2019. And by the end of 2020, the start came out with its second brand ThriveCo, which is a treatment based range that prevents and solve from some severe hair and skin problem of people. The journey of Anveya started with a true vision and modest resources, as the products were at the core of the founder’s idea so for initial investment the startup was dependent on sourcing an R&D. The team of Anveya ultimately decided to connect to consumers directly via internet by giving the team a hope that the consumers would respond positively which meant that they don’t require to put resources in building all-India distribution. Anveya started its journey by working at a single warehouse, with a small team, and a strong will to make a difference. The idea of connecting to consumers via internet helped and supported the startup a lot  as it allowed them to communicate consumers easily about the products and then hear their feedback.


Anveya is a top notch and best quality beauty products brand which and the founders are happy and are proud that they offer effective and purest products for skincare as well as healthcare. These incredible and amazing beauty products focuses on some of the severe hair as well as skin concern such as dryness, damage, frizz, breakage, hair fall, scalp health, and hair growth. Anveya is a premium brand and the founders take pride in being able to offer the cleanest and effective products for skin and hair care. These products target some of the biggest hair & skin concerns like dryness, damage, frizz, breakage, hair fall, scalp health, and hair growth.


Anveya is a D2C brand which work and drives pretty well at all aspects of its consumer offering from research and formulations, to sourcing of raw materials and tightly controlled manufacturing processes, warehousing and operations, marketing, eCommerce, and customer service. “Lastly, if you do good work, a lot of repeat and word of mouth builds. We have been fortunate to see a lot of brand searches, repeating orders, and referrals too” Vivek added.

As of now, Anveya has raised true and healthy but sufficing investments from friends and family, including some respected angel investors in the country. The startup drives business health on both fronts – growth and economics. The team here focuses on having customer traction-driven growth and so far both of its brands have grown well on the back of fantastic products, transparent communication, and customer love.

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Vivek Singh

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Vivek saw that India had a significant need for high-quality beauty products. His wife used to buy hair foreign products, which showed him that there were no Indian hair products that could compete with the quality of high-end international brands. After speaking with friends and family, Vivek and Saurav discovered that this was a common misconception about cosmetic products. And it was because of this that they decided to launch Anveya Living, an Indian brand that meets or exceeds international quality standards.

When did you start your business?

Vivek and Saurav started the brand in the year 2018 in Bangalore

How are you performing currently?

The company is growing steadily. We have been able to add multiple products and categories to our portfolio in the last few years and are constantly working on innovation. Yet another feather in our caps is launching ThriveCo, our sister brand into the haircare and skincare category. In the coming years, we aim to continue innovating and providing the best of products to our esteemed customers.

What are your plans for the funding?

So far, Anveya has secured modest but sufficient funds from friends and family, including some of the country’s most well-known angel investors. The startup is responsible for the health of the company on both the growth and economic fronts.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Anveya was founded in order to address the problem of a lack of high-quality beauty products in India. Bringing some of the world’s best quality products to Indian consumers had several challenges. While researching for the brand, the team realised that there are ingredients that were rejected by several countries, still being served here. When this was the norm, the founders decided to do it differently. They wanted to make sure that they get the best and most effective products possible in the entire world. The second most challenging task was to make people understand that Indian products can be better than International goods with Anveya in the picture. This is a notion that the Anveya team has transformed as a result of the services they provide to its customers.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Anveya product line consists of 40 high-quality items divided into four categories: haircare, skincare, cold-pressed oils, and essential oils. Its prepared goods were developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most advanced labs that work with natural active ingredients, as well as some of the country’s best formulators and manufacturers. These formulas are not only the best-in-class, but they also outperform their synthetic counterparts in terms of results. Anveya products, pricing, and positioning are all premium, with the team offering international quality products made in India at Indian costs to their customers.

Where are your start-up services spread?

We started Anveya in Bangalore out of a single warehouse. Now the brand is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, FirstCry Purplle and the official website.

What does it feel like to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel to get up every morning and get on to work?

It’s a great feeling to be able to do something you always wanted in life, work for yourself and be able to make a difference around us.

Who supports you to stand this business and how?

All the stakeholders, founders, employees, external partners and family members are our supporters and help us do well in our business every day.

The business model of the company?

Anveya is a brand that sells directly to consumers (D2C). It strives for and achieves excellence at every stage of its consumer product, from research and formulations to procurement of raw materials and strict quality control, warehousing and operations, marketing, eCommerce, and customer service. The company operates its own eCommerce stores at and, as well as managing its presence on marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart without the use of any intermediaries or resellers. It has its own warehouse and interacts directly with logistics to provide clients with a high-quality, seamless experience.

How many employees are working?

Currently, Anveya is a team of 35+.

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