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Founder – Ishan Singh

Website –  Revstart

On this blog, generally, we talk about startups & businesses around the nation, and today is no different. However, the startup we will discuss today is not just a “Startup”, it’s a “Startup for Startups”.

The name of this “Startup for Startups” is Revstart.


Revstart is an all-in-one solution for startups when it comes to its Physical being. It’s a Noida based estate built especially for entrepreneurs & startups. All one needs to take with them is the idea, brains required, the mindset, and the equipments (which in most cases is just a laptop). Everything else is taken care of.

They do so by offering the following services to entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses:

1. Co-Working Space:

From Open Dedicated Seat to a Private Cabin, from High Speed Wi-Fi to Tea & Coffee, from getting these facilities for a day to availing it for years to come, Revstart has got the future-defining startups covered.

Additionally, the like-minded environment is a cherry on the top.

2. Incubation:

Basically, this is a kind-of mentorship program.

Highly qualified individuals and thought leaders help the fresh minds/startups by providing their invaluable knowledge and experience.

Some of the names of the mentors include Anisha Singh, CEO of Mydala; Ashish Kashyap, ex-CEO ibibo group, etc.

This program will help entrepreneurs build their idea into reality with proper business models & market plans.

3. Acceleration:

Passion, Patience, and Perseverance are extremely important for any startup, but there’s one more thing that is equally important. The $$$$!

Without capital, the chances of any startup succeeding in this highly competitive market are very slim. And, to widen those chances is where the “Acceleration” offering of Revstart comes in the picture.

With immense support of leading angel networks like Indian Angel Network and Mumbai Angels and strategic tie ups with TiE- The Indus Entrepreneurs, RevStart is set to run an impactful acceleration program to support early entrepreneurs.

In short, if your horse and/or jockey is good enough, the capital part will be taken care of by Revstart.    

Talking about the “Jockey”, let’s talk about the founder of Revstart.

The Jockey of Revstart:

Ishan Singh is the founder & CEO of Revstart. He’s an entrepreneur with an extensive experience of more than 22 years, which means he understands what it takes to be a “Business owner” and an “entrepreneur”.

Apart from being the CEO of Revstart, he’s an investor, mentor, advisor, and/or board-member in several firms like Little Black Book, University Living, Parvata Foods, Baby Chakra, Massblurb, Jiyo Naturals, Bookeventz, First Step Digital (Peebuddy), Register My Marriage, We Do Sky, etc.

He has single handedly built this gigantic name for himself in the startup world.

Let’s keep the Jockey aside and focus on the horse now.

The Present & the Future:

Currently, Revstart is going pretty solid with some wonderful testimonials from around the market.

From the future standpoint, generally when we talk about the “future” of any startup on startupurban, we discuss if the startup will raise money or not, or how they will expand, etc. But in today’s case, that’s not gonna happen because they are not looking to raise money, instead, if you are looking for some capital, head on to their offices in Noida or simply call them.

That’s about it for today’s startup story. Let’s not stretch it any further and wrap it up right here and right now.

Goodbye. Thank you for reading.

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