Meet Jagjit Jassal, The success behind Flambird


Design and Innovation are the two pillars on which Jagjit Jassal, the founder of Flambird, wants his company to grow tall on. An interior designer by qualification and profession, and a very successful one, by all means, he is passionate about creating things and about designing. He has set a team of about 10 people in Ludhiana who all work tirelessly for creating innovative products related to product design. Gurmeet, about 15 years elder than Jagjit, is the co founder at Flambird. He comes with a wealth of experience in manufacturing and industry and looks at the operational aspects at Flambird.




Jagjit has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist regarding all aspects of work. Flambird started nearly a year ago. The first product launched by Flambird is the Pebble Sign, which is a high-quality signage, made of the polymer having a polyurethane coating. The design is in the shape of a pebble and has been inspired by nature. It is corrosion resistant and can withstand all type of weather conditions. It is available in five different colors.




The name Flambird has been inspired from the Flamingo Bird. Jagjit is fascinated by the long flight the Flamingo bird undertakes and spreads impressions of happiness everywhere. Jagjit’s father has been in the business of signage and Jagjit has grown up seeing his father. This is how he was able to innovate and create the Pebble Sign.

Flambird is an early stage startup as of now and is planning to raise funds via crowd funding. Very soon Flambird will launch a campaign on the online crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. After the crowd funding, Jagjit has grand plans for Flambird. He plans to launch modular furniture and other innovative home design related products.

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