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I remember the time when I used to go for tuition 5 km away from my home on a bicycle. I am grateful that I got to study in life, but am jealous at the same time. Why am I jealous you ask? Let me tell you why.

The time when I was studying for my board exams and other competitive exams, we didn’t have smartphones, unlike kids these days. The only way to gain knowledge was from books or teachers. Studying at tuition’s was considered the only option to earn more marks. Now, of course, I didn’t have any problem with that system, but the reason I am jealous is- today’s kids can learn from the INTERNET!

The information is at their fingertips. Gaining more marks in the exams is the most straightforward task if the internet is adequately utilized. However, children don’t know how to use the internet efficiently. Everything is available on the internet, but the one’s aiming for high grades can miss out on subtle as well as big concepts. And that the risk we can’t take.

Therefore, to bridge that gap, the gap between having the “tuition experience” but via the internet, was necessary. An internet place where one can learn every concept, get feedback, and solve queries in order to reach the grade-goals was the requirement. And that gap was bridged by the startup we are discussing today.

In this article, we are going to talk about the startup story of an ed-tech venture, namely “Self Study.”

Self Study?

The name says it all. It’s an Indian ed-tech internet venture aiming to give the traditional ‘tuition and school experience’ but in a better and cost-efficient way. To provide a better overview of their mission, let me quote from their about page:

“Self study started with the powerful idea that any student can crack whatever exam they set their mind to.”

What do they do?

For the students aspiring to crack the toughest engineering and medical exams, Selfstudy is a boon. They help the aspiring students with high-quality & engaging video tutorials, which BTW are far better than the traditional, limited-knowledge teachers’ teachings. They provide in-depth knowledge about Whys and Hows on every concept.

Additionally, their team of teachers, professionals, and problem-solvers give personalized feedbacks and quizzes to make sure the aspires get the most out of it.

Overall, what they do is- They provide a service which will help the students crack competitive exams with their features/offerings like-

  • Video tutorials
  • Skill-based learning
  • Question banks
  • Adaptive assessments
  • Personalized feedbacks
  • And Doubt clarifications

Final words:

Startups like Selfstudy has helped several students meet their educational goals. In a country where millions of students aspire to crack competitive exams and get admission to the best colleges, Selfstudy is no less than a blessing. Therefore, if you are one of those millions looking to stand out, Selfstudy should be your go-to place.

On the other hand, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Selfstudy can be an inspiration to brainstorm ideas on bridging the gaps. Did you get any new thoughts or inspiration while reading this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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