Tattva Mittal

The Brain-Child of two Entrepreneurs Mr.Kishore Mittal and Mr. Anand Vilayannur – Tattva Mittal Group



CEO – Anand Vilayannur

Managing Director – Kishore Mittal

Director Communications and Marketing Strategy – Uma Anand

Director of Engineering – Yash Mittal

Website – Tattvamittal


What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?
Anand Vilayannur – It was the passion for creating something tangible, something of value and the keen love for Real estate as an asset class, that lead to the formation of the Tattva Mittal Group. The thought that a company and its projects can create a difference to someone’s life and while doing so, through responsible and thoughtful actions, one can change the destiny, the landscape of a city and the surrounding ecosystem, was the single compelling thought to incubate Tattva Mittal Group.

Established in the year 2014, the Tattva Mittal Group is the brain-child of two entrepreneurs Mr.Kishore Mittal and Mr. Anand Vilayannur. Tattva Mittal carries itself with a legacy that has shaped the skyline of Bombay as the city evolved into its contemporary form. The Mittal’s have always been known for creating high quality residential and commercial real estate landmarks without compromising on the quality. Continuing this mission with a belief that ‘good living’ combines thoughtful locations, efficient design, user-centric facilities, optimization of technologies and real pricing, has led to Tattva Mittal living the promise of creating ‘Sensible Homes with Smart Living’. Tattva Mittal Group, brings to the fore professionalism and innovation with a deep sense of community. Steered forward by real estate and finance professional, Anand Vilayannur and Yash Mittal, hailing from the Mittal family,along with the guidance and leadership of real estate veteran Kishore Mittal himself, Tattva Mittal has planted the seeds to transform the city’s realty sector.


When did you start your business?

Anand Vilayannur – Tattva Mittal Group was started in year 2012.


What does success mean to your company?

Anand Vilayannur – At TMG we strongly believe that when you do what you love and what you believe in, with full dedication and passion and feeling satisfied with your efforts, it automatically leads to success and a sense of achievement. For TMG our work brings us great deal of satisfaction that is what we think is success for us. Our team of experienced and dedicated members from the lowest to the highest level ensure the quality of work and efforts put in on a daily basis. We focus on not just the working aspect but as well as nurturing our employees for a stress-free work environment.


How are you performing currently?

Anand Vilayannur – Currently we are working towards creating the right brand messaging and on establishing our marketing and related sales outreach. We are creating a system, a process which ensures that quality and delivery is non-negotiable and there is no compromise between what gets promised and what is delivered. There are 5 projects in execution and another 4 in pipeline. We are aiming for an annual growth rate of 50% for the first 4 years and to normalize post that at a steady rate of 25% YOY.


What is the biggest risk to your company?

Anand Vilayannur – The real estate industry is going through a transition phase and the most important aspect of this industry today is to earn the trust and confidence of the customer. This will only come by ensuring that we as a company under promise and over deliver. The confidence in this industry is at its lowest and the general thought process is to play it safe and not trust anyone. Our biggest risk is reputation risk and we have to ensure that we do not lose the trust of any of our partners, customers and any stakeholders.

What are your plans on funding?

Anand Vilayannur – At preset we are funded by our promoters and are we are closing our 2nd round of institutional funding.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Anand Vilayannur – The biggest challenge was of course the industry competitors and the ever-changing regulatory hurdles. The sudden impact of increasing taxes and regulatory expenses like GST/Stamp duty, etc., are tension factors the funding and financial challenge.

The industry and in effect our biggest challenge are the regulatory hurdles, ever changing approvals/process and the pitfalls connected to it, funding and financial challenge due to lack of industry status to Real Estate, regime of ever increasing taxes and increasing regulatory expenses like GST/Stamp duty. All the above are extremely damaging and demanding as one
cannot plan for these things and thus has the potential of turning the situation on its head.


What does growth mean to you and your business?

Anand Vilayannur – Growth means constant delivering what we have promised and eventually making a process out of it such that we do not need to compromise ever on quality, standards, delivery and satisfaction for all our stakeholders including the customers, suppliers, financiers and not the least our employees.  This continuous process of no interruption in the delivery of quality and standardized products will eventually lead to

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Anand Vilayannur – At TMG we endeavor to create products for the middle segment of the society by creating homes for people within their reach. Right from the size of the apartment and related ticket size to provide them with a smart and sensible living style, our unique and smartly designed homes will the ideal balance between luxury and requirement, where one pays for exactly what one needs and uses.


Where are your start-up services spread?

Anand Vilayannur – At present we are only focusing in Mumbai. We have overall 9 projects going on out of which 5 projects are in the execution mode and rest 4 in pipeline.

What does it feel to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel getting up every morning and getting on to work?

Anand Vilayannur – The feeling of being an entrepreneur or a founder is always a mixed bag filled with worries, pressure, anxiety. On one side you have all these feelings and the thrill, excitement and sense of achievement on the other. It takes constant efforts to not only keep your stakeholders and customers happy but keeping your employees satisfied as well.


Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Anand Vilayannur – 5 years down the line we would like to be among the top 10 developers of the city in terms of size, quality, delivery and customer satisfaction. We aim at redefining the living styles, with our smart, sensible and unique designs and structures.

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