Rent for years, months, or days with Rentmystay


Founders – Kiran Nagarajappa & Rakesh Kamble

Website – Rentmystay

Before talking about today’s startup, let me tell you a true incident. Few years back, an uncle of mine started constructing his house in our nearby locality. He used to live in a village back then.

The construction was expected to complete in middle of the study-year, and that was a problem. The issue here was- my uncle’s childrens used to study in the village-school at that time, and they obviously can’t leave the school halfway there or start the school halfway here. Due to that, they had to shift to the city early. They were lucky enough to have us in the same locality. My grandpa found a temporary rental nearby and their problem was solved effortlessly.

However, not everyone is lucky enough. Maybe someone has to shift someplace where no known person lives in the nearby district, let alone locality. They will be certainly doomed unless there was some beforehand solution. And, here’s where today’s startup hops in as a “Luck” factor.

Rentmystay is the beforehand solution we are discussing today.


Founded back in 2014, Rentmystay is a Bangalore based startup which provides services of exactly what the name suggests. It’s an online rental aggregator, providing furnished and ready-to-use homes, enabling smooth shifting.  

Using the platform, one can rent a home for a year, a month, or even for a day via this platform. Yes! You read it right. Even for a day!

The shocking part? No brokerage fee included!

In short, Rentmystay has made renting home as hassle-free as a hotel check-in.

Talking about hassles, what hassle inspired the founders to start such a platform? Well, let’s find out.

The backstory:

The story starts with two elements: A stroll and a talk.

The story goes like this: Kiran N and his friend Rakesh Kamble were taking a stroll during which they started to talk. Rakesh told Kiran that he needed a rental home for a couple month to oversee the final finishes on his under-construction building but couldn’t find one due to such short stay. And, that was pretty much the inspiration.

As Dr. Denis Waitley rightly said, “Pessimists see a problem behind every opportunity. Optimists see an opportunity behind every problem.”

Apparently Kiran and Rakesh saw the opportunity in this unorganized sector, and they undoubtedly grabbed it! And hence started the founding of the bootstrapped startup: Rentmystay.  

Since the foundation, they have come a long way with initial Downs and later Ups.

Ups, Downs, and the future:

During the initials days of the startup, they had to bring a change in the perspective of house owners. They had to convince them that how a short term rentals will be a better source of revenue than the traditional long-term ones.Once they were convinced, all the chips started falling where they were meant to be.

As of today, Rentmystay operates with around 35 employees. They have served more than 30000 guests so far with more than 1000 flagship properties in Bangalore, 160 in Pune, 120 in Hyderabad, and many others in prime cities like Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

Currently they aren’t available in all the cities of India, and obviously they are willing to have their service available all over. And that’s what the future plan of Rentmystay is.

Wider expansion and deeper customer service. That’s where they stand.

Looking at their past, this aspiration of spreading all over the country certainly seems possible. However, as of now, all we can do is wish them luck and wrap up this article-cum-story real quick.

Wrapping up:

To keep the final words short, let’s end with one line: Convert your problems to opportunities and cash in on them.   

That’s it for today. Will come with another startup story shortly. Stay tuned for those. Until then, Goodbye!

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