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Nisha Dutt, an admirable leader and a CEO of Intellecap has proved ‘Sky is the limit’


You will be amazed to know about Nisha Dutt who is the perfect blend of serendipity and hard work. She started her career in 2009 as a Senior Manger in Consulting And Research in Intellecap and later on within just six years she becomes the CEO of that company. And as a CEO she was indomitable because she guides the global positioning of the business.

Intellecap is a leading brand which provides innovative business solutions to the profitable enterprises which are dedicated towards social and environmental changes. Nisha is also a member of the board of directors of the Intellecap-Aavishkaar group. Lots of conceptualising programmes have been competently handled by her such as Start-up Wave, Credit-tree and Innovation Labs. Intellecap-Aavishkaar group was founded in 2002 and now it has made their mark in the industry by their global presence. They have the geographical presence in South Asia, East Africa, US, and South East Asia. This excellent group has successfully executed over 600 projects across thirty-six countries to multilateral agencies. They are dexterous in developing financial institutions, and helping social enterprises, investors, corporations, donors and policy makers. Nisha is overwhelmed by the success of this company and added “We nurture innovation and social entrepreneurship. I can see the benefit that low-income communities are deriving from this environment and that is the real purpose and passion, the raison d’etre of our service”.

The early life of this commendable leader

In the early age, Nisha started her schooling in a government school in India. Later on, in 1999 she moved to the US and studied Industrial Engineering from Oklahoma State University and after that completed her MBA from Ohio State University. She added “I come from the armed forces, and my mother was a businesswoman, so the duel values of discipline and business acumen were the lessons I had learnt at home. As the youngest, I grew up with a fair amount of freedom. The empowerment and freedom to choose coupled with a strong sense of discipline is something I treasure and believe it has laid the stepping stones to the many risks I have taken”.

Nisha spent a decade in the US and worked with so many different brands like Deloitte, Xerox and Cessna and gained the experience in operation and strategy. In 2009 when she was just 33, returned India and joined Intellecap and the rest are history.

Hard work and zeal make a leader

When Nisha joined Intellecap, it was already a well-structured company. But her inner spirit and entrepreneurial zeal made a difference. She joined as a Senior Manager but soon she got promoted as a VP and then she was the member of one of the Directors and last but not the least she become the CEO. It was only possible for her leadership skills. Her easy accessibility, the transparency in taking important decisions and her capability to providing opportunities to the others makes her a perfect leader.

According to Nisha, technology has tremendous power to break inequalities and solving problems. So as an organization, her new target is throwing weight behind technology to make life more predictable.

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