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Learnings of an Entrepreneur in the Home Security Solutions Space


Are you an Indian entrepreneur? Have you noticed these unusual solutions of home security yet?

The home safety solutions space in India is an area that has not been ventured by anyone yet because of different complexities and the way this society operates and works.


Learning #1 – Glitches pinned down

Security is still a random process which has not been changed till now. Nothing has been done to amend the defective manual register process through decades. Trespassers come into our housing premises, and we don’t have the proper infrastructure to ensure excellent security. Moreover, a society has to spend a lot to manage this system with appropriate guards. Guards have to change their location as it’s a part of their duty. The society spends a lot on a monthly basis to stay safe and to protect their family from thefts, unwanted visitors and crime. Even after doing all these things, and after spending a lot of money they don’t feel entirely safe from these thefts.


Learning #2 – Network Challenges

This whole process of getting security entirely depends on the security guards at the gates. That is why societies have to pay attention to their behaviour. Many organizations found these things when they paid attention to their behaviour. Take a look.

  • If there is no fixed rule, you have to check their behaviour when new guests visit. That’s because sometimes they behave leniently.
  • Societies also found that they were not effective. They don’t stay on their duty locations all the time.
  • The number of guards is sometimes less than the required number.
  • They have to attend other tasks that the management committee of the society tells them to do.
  • They usually don’t understand the technology apps properly
  • They are unqualified and uneducated. That is why sometimes they cannot write in their native language.
  • They do not get enough pay, and thus they do not have the interest in doing other work.
  • Their attitude towards their duty is somewhat carefree.
  • They allow everyone in the premises without verifying identity.
  • They hardly understand English.


Learning #3 – Innovative rules should be implemented

People usually come and go in the residential complexes without showing their identity proof. It has become a part of this regular process. They are somewhat unenthusiastic about improving this procedure. Even the sophisticated suburban society members and those who have paid a premium sum for their residences are also reluctant to develop this procedure. Visitor management in society is mostly poor, conventional, out-dated, not smooth, not valid, and has no records. Guests come into the premises with unreadable handwriting, wrong names, and mobile numbers. No one is bothered to check the accuracy and legitimacy. Coming to the storing of manual registers, they’re either dumped or get spoiled because of improper housekeeping. A good number of societies do not care about monitoring the time when visitors leave the premises. What should be done with security and protection? Is there a way to modernize it, or manage it efficiently? Make it simple, proper, and not laborious. Technology has opened various innovative ideas. Now you can make this whole process full functional with just one click. Monitoring the daily actions is vital as it can improve the possibilities for transforming the security process and living standards.


Learning #4 –the most vital part is execution

If security is the primary concern, then a home safety management app is the ideal solution for all these problems. However, an organised group can execute this idea successfully. If startup goals to reach the height of success, it has to get a compatible co-founders’ group. It’s not necessary that everyone will know each other, but each team member must have confidence in the concerned idea. Then only they can work together on this single incredible idea. People will join this group for various reasons. It is possible that they will come from multiple fields. The management has to face different challenges, but they have to maintain the right equilibrium always. The execution group and the sales force have to support them for managing several compelling circumstances. Sometimes things don’t go as per as your pan. But you have to handle this situation efficiently. That is why you have to create a sense of ownership. The team members have to work together to reach one goal. Then only you can see your desired growth on your business.


Learning #5 – Venturing LIVE

If you want to build the correct product, the core group has to do a detailed study of the problem.     You may have to face different crucial scenarios in the future. The team took over 300 society interviews. They also received valuable feedbacks of more than 100 guards to understand the complexities. According to the guards they have to take more workload because of this app. It was the initial thinking. We had to make them understand that the app made their life more comfortable with its great features. The larger society has to accept the app in all the places. It was the most crucial part because the success of the app depends on it. It was entirely a new area where no one ventured before because its complexities.


Learning #6 – Enormous scope

Security has a direct connection to the emotion of the society. It may have many cons but the society s ready to accept them. They are prepared to embrace this change.  The app has already replaced the manual registers in the residential complexes. Now the residents can check the photos, identities of the visitors and they can also get notifications about their visit. People can enjoy different benefits out of this app. It prevents crime, and they can notice everything in the gate.

The home safety solutions space in India has large scopes. The reason for this enormous scope is that it’s an unnoticed area. They want to boost the society’s image. They want to ensure proper security by incorporating CCTV cameras and intercom in society premises. In that case, this app is a revolution, but the key to success lies in the execution. It is essential to hear the opinion of the customers. Then only we can attempt to make innovations on a daily basis.

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