How Qureka App has Led Towards the Success Lines Due to the Idea Behind the Game


Founder – Shalini Tewari and Apurva Kumar

Website – Qureka

Qureka has lately been in a buzz among the top mobile apps. Founded by Shalini Tewari and Apurva Kumar, the application started with a 5-member team that later expanded to 50 members within a year. The success of the application has been around its idea of combining learning, fun and gamification in a live quiz format. Not just the idea, the expertise and experience of the co-founders and the team together have led to the application reach a popular level. Equipped with knowledge building features and accepted socially, Qureka is India’s leading mobile gaming app today.

The game is an engaging live quiz show where users play against others from the given 13 daily quizzes in diverse formats and subject range. The idea behind the application has utilised the evolution of the booming mobile gaming industry. It has led to the perfect viral, and organic growth of Qureka without dedicated marketing spends.

Qureka has held a 4.4 rating at the play store consistently along with more than 2.5 Million app downloads. It has over 3 lakh daily active users. Moreover, statistics show that on an average, users spend at least 10 minutes daily on the application.


What makes Qureka special?

Not just the amazing cash prizes get users to play on Qureka, but there’s a lot more. The application offers a highly rewarding experience to the users through an extensive knowledge building and learning perspective. Moreover, the app is one of the lowest data consuming apps in India that has led to enhanced satisfaction with no lag or buffering. It barely consumes 6 to 7 MB data and ranks among the fastest mobile game in the quiz shows. The playtime here is limited to 3 – 10 minutes per quiz thus keeping the user captivated and amused throughout.

Apart from the dialect and languages component, the team believes that it is an excellent form of eradicating the literacy barrier with the availability of new cognitive and memory games. The app presently has 13 live quizzes in a day in different categories. The app has recently introduced the concept of virtual currency coins in our latest update. It has been consistently growing and improving by introducing regular updates, evolving formats, overcoming challenges of language and literacy. All in all, Qureka has created a dynamic platform to reach out to the maximum spectrum of the Indian audience.


Shalini Tewari, the entrepreneurial mind behind Qureka

Shalini Tewari, the founder and an entrepreneur strongly believe in transformation through knowledge. This idea led her to develop Qureka connecting millions of users by playing the quiz.

Shalini today is one of the leading women entrepreneurs in India. She has more than 17 years of experience in the IT and digital industry. Shalini founded ViralShots, before Qureka, which was a short content mobile destination later acquired by Times Internet in 2015.

Querka has been all about the smart knowledge of the co-founders of the app. Their comprehensive knowledge and coming from a background of people-capital, business and communications have contributed to developing Qureka into a fun, educational and a socially acceptable mobile gaming platform. Shalini is one of those women entrepreneurs who have magnificently held her ground and boomed in the IT and digital space.


Growth plans of Qureka until 2022

As of now, Qureka is a free app for users. Various brands through advertisements support it. However, soon the team would be launching the premium version of the app – Qureka Pro. It will have no ads and will be available in multiple languages. Qureka pro would be a game version where the consumers can participate in high stake quizzes in their preferred language and win big cash prizes and rewards.

Qureka expects a 90% mobile penetration in India by 2022. To capture this, the app aims to reach the next 500 million Indians by 2020. While Qureka already is a multilingual tool offering games in 6 languages, the app is a hit amongst the non-English speaking mobile users. The diversity in language has been one of the prominent reasons for growth in the gaming industry since it has non-English speaking users of about 50%, therefore manoeuvring towards their 2020 vision.


Final Words

Qureka is an application that mentally inspires the users and generates a healthy competitive streak. The reason for enhanced user experience is the learning experience along with great cash prizes bringing users back for more. Qureka has fruitfully transformed the mobile gaming space with its user-friendly and budding formats.

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