Askhealer: Sorting out lives.


I was watching one of Jay Shetty‘s videos, recently. He was talking about finding a purpose- a meaning- in life.

That video got me into some thinking, and I ended up having a look at the meaning of the three most important Quotients of life. The IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient), and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). While IQ & EQ are usually discussed and considered the most important, we often miss out on the third one: The SQ.

SQ might not be given much significance, at least in this social media world; however, it’s as much of (if not more) a required intelligence as IQ & EQ when it comes to a happy & successful life. SQ is the core of equanimity. And, having a calm-core & mental-stability, especially in difficult situations, leads to every success in life, may it be financial, mental, or spiritual.

“If IQ is the seen part of the iceberg and the EQ is the unseen part below, SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is the ocean that holds the iceberg.” – Midge Gonzaga.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why is he talking about SQ?” And, your question is absolutely valid. After all, this is a site where you came to read some category-defining & inspiring startup story this country has to offer. But, hear me out a minute, because SQ has pretty much everything to do with the startup we are discussing today. The name of the startup is, and let’s discuss what it is all about.

AskHealer is a marketplace for healing. It’s a place where people with knowledge of life (i.e., high SQ & EQ people) provide healing to the ones in need. In brief, it’s a global platform crafted to improve lives by building bridges between Healers and Seekers.

It’s built only with one intention: Turning sad lives into happy lives. But who dreamt of creating this platform and why?


The backstory:

On asking about the idea behind, Onkarjot Singh(the founder) replied, “…what I had discovered early on was that I have had a strong interest in spiritual studies since childhood. My real journey began when I was at a college studying a management program abroad and alongside felt a sense of deep of purpose to help people around the world in some way…”

By combining the interest in Spiritual activities & healing practices with the purpose of helping others, Onkarjot ended up with the idea of AskHealer.

This idea was conceived in early 2017, but the face of the platform was seen in June 2018. And, since then, it has seen a significant growth. Let’s discuss those achievements.


The successes of is spreading worldwide with site-visitors across 70 countries, according to the founder. The platform has received more than 500 healer-entries of which only about 50% are accepted which are live on the site. Additionally, several seekers have found their ideal healers and solved their life problem, whether it’s a wrong relationship or non-satisfying job.

But let’s put the numbers aside, and discuss real success: Happiness! Because that’s what AskHealer is all about.

When asked about the feeling of being the founder of this happiness-driving platform, Onkarjot replied,

“Definitely a sense of accomplishment and feeling of pride. I could finally use my skills to help society in some way and not entirely focused on my own. When customers write to me that they are excited to be on-boarded, thank me and pass on their blessings to me, it feels awesome.”

And, that’s what a success is in a true sense. So, let’s redefine our definition of success and wrap up this startup story.


Final words:

In this social media driven world, mental health is a huge issue, which is finally being reflected upon by the likes of influential people like Jay Shetty, Pewdiepie, Lilly Singh, and many more.

Being in the best mental health sometimes call for a helping hand, and AskHealer connects you with that perfect sized hand. Stories like the one discussed today has the power to change our mind in some way or other, and redefine the meaning of some core things in life.

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