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How to make your employees better?


Employees, who are not happy with their job, look for better job opportunity. Most of the industries, including small enterprises encounter a situation where their best employees leave the job after a while. It has been reported that it had cost more than $300 Billion to American Industry due to job changes.

Here we will emphasize on how a company can cultivate the performance of employee so they can utilize their skills at maximum.

Rewards and Recognition

Organize Rewards and Recognition program to employee motivation. This makes them feel treasured within the organization and therefore motivate them to succeed. Such program will employee motivation to work at their maximum level, which will benefit them as well as the organization. Rewards and Recognitions should be held each month or at the end of the quarter so that it will motivate the employees, initiate the competition among each other, which will help them to become master or expert in their part by pushing their potential. Employee recognition can be engaged by giving them goodies, certificates and acknowledging the “Best of the Month” Title.

Training and Opportunities

Training plays a vital role in any kind of profession. Training will help employees to discover their weakness and train them to overcome those flaws. Moreover, training will help the employees to understand the change or improvements in products and services. Employees will be able to get how to complete the tasks in a better manner. Regular Training sessions will boost their confidence, as they will have endless learning opportunity by training sessions.


The Company Culture is the shared values, practices and beliefs of the company’s employees. Culture is the powerful asset for a company that endeavour’s its growth. A team of the employees can be assigned to organize cultural activities every month. This will help businesses to achieve the trust of employees’. Also, small trips to nearby places or lunch or dinner can be organized so they can share their thoughts with the manager or team leaders.

Roles and tasks

Sometimes, it is best to assign some tasks or giving them specific roles, which excites them to graft towards that functions and duties. It will help employees to improve their skills and excel in their expertise set of competencies.  Employers need to make sure that their employees do not get bored doing their everyday job. There should be some fun activities that can be done for few minutes, once a month or two weeks’ time.

One to one sessions

One to one sessions should utilize on purely based on their performance. It will help them understand their weakness and how to overcome it, how to use their strength against the weakness to improve their daily job. Also, one to one session should not only focus on their job but also their personal life too. Google employees spent their 20% of the time on what they want while on work, and we see the results of Google, as they add new products now and then. Employees need freedom, over time, techniques and tasks, to get the best out of their thoughts and outcomes.

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