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Ten most successful IT companies in India


The industry of Information Technology in India has a significant contribution to the GDP of the country. In the past few years, the nation’s I.T. sector has become a hub for multiple international tech companies such as H.P, TCS, Dell, Oracle, Viacom, Infosys etc. Currently, the top IT companies in India have emerged as leading destinations offering software outsourcing facilities, serving not only local clients but also expanding their business worldwide. Check out the details of the top IT companies in India at present.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. was the pioneering company to provide software services in India. After checking out customer reviews, portfolios, experience, yearly income, and ratings, we have compiled a list of the most important I.T. companies present in the country. Here you’ll get to know all the details about these top IT companies in India.

Best Information Technology companies operating in India:

Here is the list of the most potent names in India in the Information Technology industry. 

Tata Consultancy Services

The pioneer in giving software services in India is Tata Consultancy Services. Abbreviated as TCS, it has occupied the first position in the list of top IT companies in India. Additionally, TCS is also one of the ten biggest I.T. solutions firms all over the world. This globally recognized brand offers business operations, quality engineering, systems integration, consulting, technological services and solutions. 

They have established partnerships with leaders from financial, banking, media, communications, retail, travel, manufacturing, and HiTech industries. With excellent products such as Ignio, Chroma, TCS MasterCraft, TCS iON, etc., Tata has proved again and again why it is recognized as the first one in India’s top IT companies. 

TCS operates in 149 different locations across as many as 46 countries. The headquarters can be found in Bombay, India. Forbes ranked it 64th among the most innovative companies around the globe. 

TCS is the fourth leading job provider in India with over four lakh employees, of which around 36 percent of women staff is. It is the title sponsor of the New York City Marathon, Mumbai Marathon, and Amsterdam Marathon. 


Wipro is a company that has won various awards with a unique approach to run a business on the digital platform. Focused on design, technology, and strategy, Wipro has introduced task-solving equipment and tools for a variety of industries like banking, healthcare, consumer electronics, engineering, aerospace, retail, construction, pharmaceutical, and others. 

Mohamed Premji founded Wipro in 1945, 74 years from now. At the time of its incorporation on 1945’s 29th December in Maharashtra, it had the name “Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited. Wipro manufactured refined oils and vegetables in British India. Azim Premji became the chairman after his father’s death in 1966. It was only in the late 1970s and the early 1980s that the company shifted attention to novel computing and I.T. industry opportunities.

Among the top IT companies in IndiaWipro received ‘Best of the BEST’Award from ATD in 2018. The CEO of the company right now is Thierry Delaporte. 

This agency shows a keen interest and long-term experience in developing apps, infrastructure and cloud services, analytics and product engineering. 


We had to include Infosys Limited in our compiled list of top IT companies in India. It is a multinational company providing information technology, outsourcing, and business consulting services. Infosys ranks second among the largest I.T. companies with headquarters in India, only next to Tata Consultancy Services.

This was established in the year 1981. The company’s main office is available in Bangalore, popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India.’ In terms of its revenue, Infosys is the 596th biggest private company in the world. Nandan Nilekani, K. Dinesh, S. Gopalakrishnan, N.R. Narayana Murthy, S.D. Shibulal and N.S. Raghavan founded the company. They established this company 39 years ago.

Infosys has more than 2 lakh employees, and at least 37 percent of it comprises women professionals. The total number of marketing and sales offices for Infosys is 82. With a dominant presence in China, India, the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia, Infosys has taken several prestigious awards. The current CEO is Salil S. Parekh, and he has been in charge since 2018. 


Rolta is a global company based in India and focusing on Business Intelligence, I.T. solutions, Engineering, and BigData Analytics. The headquarters of the company is located in Bombay, Maharashtra. Kamal K. Singh founded Rola, one of the top IT companies in India, in the year 1989, on 29th June. 

The company is available in the list of the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The GDRs of the company are listed on the London Stock Exchange, and ‘Senior Notes’ remain listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. Some of the most used products are ROLTA OnPoint, ROLTA iPrespective, ROLTA OneView, and ROLTA SmartMigrate. 

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies excels in a wide range of areas and offers software services in Banking, Healthcare, Financial, and Insurance domains. Its headquarters are in Navi Mumbai, and it is one of the top IT companies in India growing at a fast pace. 

The core values of Hexaware Technologies are cool, disruptive, and come with a fearless attitude, wisdom from the past. They are highly passionate, as well. They have a great passion for helping people attain business transformation via digital innovations and automation. 

The competitive team is fearless and ready to embrace challenges to provide clients superior services. The wisdom of more than thirty years helps Hexaware Technologies reflect, push boundaries and welcome change. They have earned fame because of reimagining and redefining customer experience. As a team, Hexaware believes in delivering results and fulfilling customers’ expectations. 

HCL Technologies Limited

The list of top IT companies in India remains incomplete without mentioning the name of HCL Technologies Limited. With its headquarters in the city of Noida, HCL currently operates in as many as 44 countries with establishments in Japan, France, Belgium, Poland, Singapore, New Zealand, Qatar, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Guatemala, Canada etc. 

HCL started its journey in 1976 when a team of six promising engineers, built a company for making personal computers. From 1991 to 1999, HCL expanded its business from software development facilities to the APAC, European, and U.S. markets. This multinational company entered into the I.T. business in 1991. 


After 20 years of experience and a wide variation of delivered items, Trigent rightfully deserves a spot among India’s leading software developers. Top IT companies in India, including Honeywell, Clarks Emerson, HP, and other big names in finance, insurance, healthcare, and transportation, have joined hands with Trident for software development services. 

Trigent allows clients to modernize, standardize, and transform the I.T. environment by bringing together a hybrid international delivery model and the latest technologies. Trigent applies Cloud Technologies, Disruptive Technologies, Mobility Technologies, Core Technologies, and Front-End Technologies to excel in digital transformation, product engineering, professional services, infrastructure facilities, and cloud services. 

Wildnet Technologies

Primarily famous for its unique, creative approach to mobile apps and web development as well as UI/UX design, Wildnet Technologies has also secured its position among top IT companies in India. This company’s engineers work with Xamarin, React Native, AWS, Sencha, Unity 3D, Salesforce Mobile, Cordova, and Jquery Mobile. 

In addition to that, products manufactured by Wildnet Technologies are immensely popular as they are well equipped with modern online marketing tools – PPC, SEO services, and also marketing on social networking sites. The main office of the company is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Clarion Technologies

One of the reputable and top IT companies in IndiaClarion Technologies, has three development centers in the country. This Information Technology Outsourcing Company has a rare engagement model to assist clients leverage like never before. 

They have resources of high quality, the best technical supervisors of the world, and excellent infrastructure. This is the reason why several medium and small enterprises and startups from different countries of the world have partnered with Clarion. It is a fantastic place to work with an engaged and determined workforce. 


Techjini is another one of the top 10 IT companies in IndiaIt’s a global company with an area of expertise in mobile development. This was established in 2015. Now, this non-government company has offices in Tokyo, Princeton, India and other places.

It focuses on software publishing like production, documentation, and supply of software, business software, operating systems, and software for computer games. Consultancy intends to give the best possible solutions after analyzing the requirement of the users. They also deal with designing web pages and maintenance of software. 

Conclusion: Cybage Software, Confianz Global, ThinkPalm Technologies, KPIT Technologies, Endive Software, Resourcology, Cyient, eClerx, Mastek, Mphasis, Mindtree, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, and Quess Corporation Ltd. are some other top IT companies in India. Working in one of the giant I.T. firms will be the best career choice for young aspirants. Visit the individual official websites to find out all about the career opportunities, job vacancies and recruitment process.

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