Restaurant owners are now completely dependent on delivery services


Before the crisis of COVID-19, the whole scenario and situation were completely different. But after this pandemic situation, the overall sales of different restaurants have reduced to 30%. They depend on delivery services only.

Lite Bite Foods, one of the biggest brands that operate over 30 restaurants, including the Artful Baker, Asian Seven Express, Punjab Grill, Zambar, and TRES. Even they are not out of this list. 

According to the record they have served highest 15 guests in a single day at their famous restaurant Punjab Grill’s Saket at Delhi.

The collapse faced by restaurant owners

This collapse has been faced by all the restaurant owners across the country. We have already faced a phrase of lockdown as well because of COVID-19. In that case, people are not interested to eat outside anymore to stay protected from this deadly virus. That is why they want home delivery services.

Malls and restaurants were severely affected

Malls and restaurants in almost all states were directed to shut down, of course, for safety reasons. Even before national lockdown, the restaurants of major cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi were instructed to shut down.

After the phrase of Unlock 1.0 and Unlock 2.0, many restaurants started their operation while over 40% still faced the loss.

That’s because people are still not safe. That is why they think twice before stepping out and visiting a confined public place. In that case, the only solution is home delivery.

On the other hand, this is the time when many people have lost their job. So again, they are incredibly cautious about spending their hard-earned money. Before this pandemic situation, people used to visit restaurants now and then. But the scenario has completely changed. 

Although according to the president of Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Shivanand Shetty it will take at least a year to get everything back on track.

Check out the delivery model

According to the famous Lite Bite Foods restaurant, they are getting 20% of the previous sales even after starting delivery orders. Before this COVID-19 pandemic situation, their sales rate was much higher than now.

On the other hand, some people have started receiving over 50% of sales. That’s because most of their restaurants are open right now. 

It varies from one state to another. Maharashtra doesn’t allow dine-in till now. In that case, they have to depend on delivery orders. This is their only source of income to run their business or restaurants.

Restaurants are taking extra precautions by focusing on athletic cleanliness as well as clinical cleanliness to gain the confidence of their customers. Now people can enjoy more space in the dining areas as restaurants are only allowing 50% of their actual capacity. Along with that, delivery services are also available.

Now restaurants have only one goal. They want to gain the trust of their customers once again to run their business.

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