TiE Global Summit – All the Global leaders and strategic minds will be gathered under one roof


Let’s face it – During this global pandemic and an era of social distancing, many businesses have met a great amount of loss. In that case, staying relevant is one of the significant factors to get success. Successful entrepreneurs usually encounter different stages and diverse new concerns related to them in this journey of success. According to the successful global leaders staying relevant means finding new customers even when the older ones disappear while running behind the same concept and unearthing substantial funding to shield that old concept even in a crisis.

Business models can be rediscovered with multiple new technological expertise. When numerous experienced and successful entrepreneurs are struggling to chalk out new strategies to move forward in this situation, TiE Global Summit comes to the rescue. Entrepreneurs who are in complete despair just because of the sheer unprecedented nature of this situation have been invited to attend this program.

How to move forward?

Millions of entrepreneurs across the world don’t know how to face this nightmare. They need proper guidance to keep operating. Silicon Valley Non-profit Organisation, the Hyderabad Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) has arranged a global summit to support this global ecosystem. It’s sixty hours of marathon event where thousands of entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to gain proper information and the maximum knowledge from the top leaders of the world about how to get success during this tough time.

How does the summit help entrepreneurs to survive?

TGS Mega Virtual Conference space 2020 is filled with over 20,000 producers, investors, mentors, and other strategic minds along with other reputed Angel Investors, Government Agencies, PEs, Venture Capitals, Global Wealth Entrepreneurs, Global Industry Leaders, Nobel Laureates, Policymakers, and of course the venerated TiE members from Global Chapters.

Apart from that TGS 2020 holds prestigious participations of the brightest and biggest Global leaders including Gautam Adani, the business magnet and stalwarts like Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, Abhijit Banerjee, the Nobel prize winner economist, Kiran Mazumdar, the business tycoon, KT Rama Rao, Telangana IT Minister, Amitabh Kant, the policy expert, Sadguru, the spiritual Guru and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a great spiritual master. 

What will be discussed?

Many other reputed names are enlisted in this list. All these honourable, strategic minds will discuss challenges faced by the entrepreneurs during this pandemic and how to overcome those difficulties. Starting from wealth creation to habits of a successful entrepreneur or how to stay relevant in crisis, everything will be explained in this prestigious Global event. According to the experts, young creative minds and entrepreneurs should not miss these management mantras from Global Business leaders.

Networking, the most crucial elements for a start-up

Networking is still a crucial element that start-ups cannot ignore because this is the key requirement of a businessperson. TiE Global Summit is the best platform especially for all the founders to build a potential network with investors and the customers. They can enhance the alliance and partnership with them.

Young entrepreneurs who have been hunting for the best opportunity to rejuvenate funding and networking should not miss this exceptional opportunity. That’s because this event has been arranged for entrepreneurs specially and attended by all the Global leaders who hold the top position in the industry.

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