Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know


With over 2.8 million people living in Brisbane, there is a requirement for the services of a skilled dentist for each and every person. Some people will only need teeth cleaning, while others may need dental implant procedures.

When it comes to dental procedures, Brisbane is the place to get them done. The many excellent dentists in the city can certainly meet everyone’s needs. Among the various dental procedures are Denture Implants Brisbane.

What are denture implants?

Denture implants are teeth replacements that are surgically attached to the jaw and are held in place by titanium support rods. Titanium is used because it can be integrated into the bones without it being rejected by the body.

Aussies love to smile. Dental implants are made to match the original teeth, and therefore, they closely resemble the original teeth. Hence, you can have that original sunny smile back. It is also comfortable and low maintenance.

The success rate of dental implants is 98%, so it can be said that it is a safe procedure.

Why would you need dental implants?

There are many reasons to require a dental implant. It could be that one or several of your teeth are damaged beyond saving. It could also be that you want to repair your bite. The aesthetics could also be a reason because you want a better smile.

There are other procedures that you can have to replace a missing tooth, but a dental implant is the best choice.

Why is a denture implant the best choice?

Dental implants closely resemble the original teeth. Because it is attached to the bone, it is very stable. It also does not damage the original tooth.

The implants will last for a very long time. With proper care, the rods can last 20-25 years, and the denture can last 7 years or more. Aussies like it when there’s not too much fuss involved, and dental implants are fuss-free.

Another interesting thing about dental implants is that they help prevent bone loss. It can also help retain the shape of your jaw.

How is it done?

There are several phases that you have to go through when you decide to get dental implants. The first is the consult and planning stage. It is when your dentist examines your mouth and teeth and assesses the quality of your jawline. This is the time when you will get scans and x-rays.

After the examination phase is the surgery phase. The first step during this stage is the tooth or teeth extraction. An alveolar bone graft will also be done at this stage to give the implant a steady base. If there is no tooth to be extracted, bone graft surgery will be done. The site will be allowed to heal for at least 6 months before the next procedure.

After the site heals and a strong bone base is established, the titanium rod will be surgically put in place. A healing cap will be made to cover the area, and it will again be allowed to heal. During the healing period, a temporary denture can be inserted.

Follow up appointments are required to monitor the healing of the gums and the titanium assimilation. After it has healed, a prosthetic is attached to the titanium, and this is where the crown will be placed.

There is no fixed price for Denture Implants in Brisbane. It varies depending on the patient. The dentist will give you their quote after the checkup and offer you payment plans.

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