How to find a Good Mentor who can take your Business Higher


Every successful entrepreneur, teacher, artist, or athlete all in common must have one mentor, that can point out a difference in their well-being. It doesn’t matter that from which field you belong, what kind of background you possess what kind of career you have or what character do you have a person just having a mentor is a basic point in becoming successful. Most of the young and ambitious entrepreneurs get the knowledge regarding the struggle to hunt for a good mentor. The digital era has included various concepts in different ways but has lesser the connectivity process in the physical appearance as compared to past generations. The modern technology outlined the ideal pavement for securing the mentor for business. The proper mentor has a piece of knowledge regarding your stream can guide much better than any other. 

Business Mentor

As defined mentor is the one who has more knowledge and experience than anyone else in a particular industry. To thrive in they possess many skills you want to be mastered. Mentorship is sometimes seen as a one-sided show in which entrepreneurs give away a piece of advice to a fresh model, in the rarest case. A mentor can put in efforts and invest in the Mentore’s startup, one vice a versa people particularly benefiting one another, entrepreneur and founder community member Daniel Alvarez Yunes. Even it can happen on the other hand that mentors want to hamper the world through the actions of their Mentor. The relationship enhances the same element of abundance. Both members learn from one another and make sure that lifts the boat in every rising tide. 

The reason behind finding a Mentor

Rather than hunting for professional entrepreneurs who need a mentor, there is not a possibility of teaching entrepreneurship formally. There are numerous factors behind the change of industry and entrepreneur. The basic ways that a mentor can help entrepreneurs: 

  • To overcome the lack of the experience of the mentor and provide them a bypass.
  • Active support regarding the complaints and concerns. 
  • Support to take the risk.
  • Enhancing the soft skill of the mentor.
  • Contact with the large and more focused network.
  • Engaging with the different aspects of the problem solving and process. 

The mentors have already attained a renowned degree from a good school of working hard and give out the best piece of advice that they wish when they have started first. They focus on what a particular individual in form of formal education can’t do. The best and secret weapon that empowers mentorship is empathy. 

Qualities to have a glance in a Mentor

Every mentor is excelled in different kinds of streams that shouldn’t be simple to find a mentor. A decision that will drive you to your unique goals and needs. If you are in need to find a compatible mentor with your startup you have to hunt the qualities in themselves. The one who possesses the qualities and experience you require and the vision that you share. When you need the most someone will challenge the necessity and will be supportive. They may belong to the same industry, but it can never be a prerequisite. The most important quality that your mentor needs to have is a good communicator and teacher in a particular way that is compatible with you. A wise businessman can possess all the best knowledge in the entire world, but it would be of little use. 

Finding a Mentor that Aligns with your needs

The main motive in the process to find a mentor is to identify the exact objective that you are looking for in a mentor. The questionnaire that compiles a profile of a mentor:

  • What skills does he possess?
  • What kind of a process do I need to learn?
  • What industries are more familiar with my mentorship?
  • What type of personality will be more suitable for my mentor?
  • What communication format will be more effective?
  • What offerings should be included in the relationship of the mentorship?

After mentioning all the points, in brief, you are especially clear on your part that what qualities do you want to have in your mentor. You will have a clear idea that what particularly you are looking for. The five best-asked questions will connect with you the best mentor along with the expert guidance. Along with your mentor’s profile, you are all set to start looking for a compatible individual. Sometimes in the hunt for a high-profile mentor, we all forget to take advantage of the potential mentors who are already viable for us. You can also get the qualities of mentorship that you may receive from someone who can have a lower profile, but it can have super effectiveness and knowledge. These mentors can be most impactful due to their guidance to hit the ground.

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