4 Reasons to get Nicotine Prescriptions


Many patients do not follow their healthcare provider’s instructions on how to take medications for various reasons. However, to receive the best effects from your meds, you must take them exactly as prescribed, especially nicotine prescriptions. 

There are many benefits of getting nicotine prescriptions from Smokefree Clinic and other facilities, like connecting you with independent, specialist doctors who have been approved as Authorized Prescribers of Nicotine, including vaping products, by the TGA.

But there are four more underlying positives to having nicotine prescriptions from a reputable healthcare provider. 

Most Doctors Won’t Prescribe Nicotine

Because vaping and other tobacco alternatives are still relatively new on the market, only a small percentage of people are knowledgable about them. In fact, many healthcare professionals do not have in-depth analysis on hand. As a result, it is uncommon to hear a balanced viewpoint.

So, having nicotine prescriptions from Smokefree Clinic and similar facilities is a great plus, especially for heavy smokers who have never fully benefited from conventional quit-smoking processes. In addition, reputable healthcare providers allow patients to use such means to combat the craving for unsafe cigarette smoke.

Use Vape Legally

For instance, if you’re living in Australia, it is permissible to import and use nicotine liquid for personal use under the TGA Personal Importation Scheme. In addition, if you have a nicotine prescription from a licensed Australian medical practitioner, you’re free to use vape legally without worrying about being arrested. 

You can use nicotine e-cigarettes if you’re:

  • trying to quit smoking
  • intending to cut down on smoking or avoid relapse
  • permitted to do so

Doctor permissions are also backed up with ethical responsibility. According to the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics, doctors have an ethical obligation to put their patients’ needs first and to provide the best possible treatment for them at every contact.

It violates their duty to refuse a reasonable treatment choice that could prevent a life-threatening condition.

Quit Smoking Once-And-For-All

Nicotine prescriptions save lives! Doctors are free to write nicotine prescriptions when clinically necessary, especially for smokers who cannot quit using traditional methods and want to switch to a less dangerous nicotine product.

Most e-liquid brands provide various nicotine strength options, allowing you to regulate your nicotine intake daily. It means you may gradually lower your nicotine dosage in a way that suits you, which isn’t always the case with tobacco cigarettes. By gradually lowering your chosen nicotine concentration, you can more easily fulfil your cravings and gradually reduce your overall intake until you are smoke-free!

Gain A Tailored Plan

Having prescriptions from a licensed firm means that you’re getting treatment that most suits your needs. In addition, consulting a healthcare provider helps you decide the best-quitting strategy for you, which cessation methods will be most effective, and how to manage and cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Moreover, your practitioner will also give you resources and information to help you succeed. Ideally, it should include an in-person or online consultation in which the patient’s medical history is taken and all treatment choices, including their possible benefits and drawbacks, are discussed.

Yes, quitting smoking is challenging without proper support from friends, family, and a healthcare provider. But, on the bright side, since 2002, there have been more former smokers than current smokers. So, you can do it too, and nicotine prescriptions might be what you need.

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