Design Sells: Significance of Packaging Design


Want to know a business secret that makes products fly off the rack? Well, one of them is undoubtedly the product packaging.

In an age of cut-throat competition, where there are hundreds of alternatives for a single product, how does a business find its feet? One of the most successful ways to make things stand out is by presenting them in a unique package.

Some of the aspects of packaging that influence the customers are:

  • Colours or Color Palette used
  • Font
  • Artistic design
  • Spacing, Placement of Images, Text, etc.

Here are some of the purposes of innovative product packaging :


An average Australian buyer in the supermarket selects a particular product from the shelf mainly because the package design was appealing. People all over the world desire things that look different from the rest and command their attention. And doing this is not an easy task.

A lot of thought, analysis, and research, goes into creating the right design that will grab eyeballs. This is why experienced packaging design consultants, designers, and strategists are vital as they help boost the sales of a product. They come with the appropriate solutions to make designs that are crowd-pullers.


Most people assume that designing is an easy aspect that does not deserve much attention. But one should not forget that branding is built on the foundations of memorability and originality. The design should not just reflect the product features, but it should also represent the company’s values.

A memorable brand resonates with the customers and triggers brand recognition. And this byproduct, in turn, translates into profits.


The package design should steer clear of ambiguity. It should convey the message, functionality, and features of the product clearly. Information should be instantly recognizable and easy to decode, preferably at first glance.

It should also keep the target audience in mind. For instance, if it is a kid’s toy, it should carry an image that appeals to children. This rule applies to all products under any category. It is always best to keep the result in mind even before one begins.


Another lesser noticed side of the design is the functionality of it. Creators put a lot of thought into how the shape or material used serves a purpose. Utilize these factors to give the product an edge in an overcrowded market. It is not just enough to please the eyes. But providing packaging that is protective as well as functional is what makes it stand out.


This factor is the most obvious one and therefore reserved for the last. Nevertheless, it is the most vital one as well. Human beings are visual buyers as they buy what they see. Sometimes they do not even want to know how good the product inside may be. But the packaging sends subliminal cures about the quality and uses, which convince the buyer to spend their money on it.

Packaging sells the product to potential customers by setting it apart from its competitors. To this end, a unique design is vital for registering sales. A visual statement does not just indicate the quality but also conveys a personality to an extent. For example, the character it sells could be cute, quirky, techno-funk, or colourful. The message it sends, if received by the buyer correctly, will help establish a connection.


Authentic designs make all the difference between a product selling like hot buns or being unpreferred in an age that worships social-media-driven aesthetics. Research suggests that packaging holds more power than tv ads or online reviews. So invest in it wisely.

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