3 Benefits of Installing Back to Wall Baths


Everyone wishes to have a bath inside their bathroom, but some factors may hinder you from doing so, such as the space of your bathroom or the size of the bath itself. However, if you are going to renovate your bathroom or have recently moved into a new house, a bath can be the perfect centrepiece of your bathroom.

So, you can buy back-to-wall baths from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or from any other reputable vendor, as they are baths that are positioned against a wall. And you may already be thinking about the difference it has with a usual bath.

Here are the reasons why it’s a good idea to choose them:

  1. Maximises Space

There are scenarios when you want to install a bath because it fits your budget, but the problem lies with space. When going for a typical bath, putting it in the centre takes up a lot of space, and there is a huge chance that it will make the bathroom feel cramped. It will also limit the number of cabinets you can put in there.

In the meantime, these back-to-wall baths are the best solution you can get because they come in a range of sizes designed to fit in smaller spaces. Also, with various options to choose from, you can have the bath that you wish to have.

These baths are laid against the wall, freeing up space so that you can place/store things you need in your bathroom.

  • Adds Versatility

You may be browsing on Pinterest, and you may have come across a bath that has a set of racks for clothes at the end of it. Or you may have seen pictures of people comfortably taking baths with a glass of drink on the rim of the bath. So the common factor among these baths is that they are back-to-wall baths.

Now, every back-to-wall is different, but what makes it magical is its versatility. For example, if you wish to bring your phone to watch your favourite series, you can lean your phone to the wall at the edge of the bath so you can relax while watching a movie. Or you can be like the person you saw on Pinterest and bring a glass of champagne while taking a bath and put it on edge. Hence, the possibilities are just endless when it comes to baths like these!

  • Easy to Clean

Unlike those baths in the centre or on the far side of the bathroom that accumulate dirt in the gap between the bath and the wall, back-to-wall baths are not dirt magnets. They are very easy to clean, as they are attached to a wall that does not leave a gap between them. Hence, you only have to wipe the sides and insides.

So, if you have decided to buy back-to-wall baths from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or from any other vendor, you must know that they are aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the key benefits they offer would make you wish you had them in your bathroom right now.

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