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A Guide to Enhancing Productivity


Encourage ownership among team members

Ownership holds great power, and the best business leaders know it. While giving ownership may sound like a big deal, it only means allowing team members to make their own decisions and be accountable for their actions.

By making team members responsible for their work, you instill a culture of accountability in them. It helps them see another facet of their work, which positively affects the decisions they make. With time, this culture resonates with every team member.

There are different ways to give ownership: ask a member to lead a project, make a decision regarding a task, and so on. This shows that you trust their ability to handle and complete a certain task. Giving ownership does even more: it gradually builds one’s self-esteem, which makes one a better and more productive team player in the organization.

Be clear with communication expectations

Communication is undeniably a vital factor in team productivity. Businesses hardly thrive without effective communication as miscommunication is a recipe for failure.

Effective communication is a pillar for business success. As such, a project manager should ensure that there is proper communication in the team. One of the main roles of effective communication in a team is that each member properly understands their responsibility. In case of a communication mishap, the whole team can be thrown into a state of confusion, which in turn comes in the way of the team’s productivity. With various needs like onboarding new employees, training the existing employees, or posting work-related information, it is important that you think of creating an online course to harmonize the members. Online course platforms like Thinkific allow you to modify your course to align with your business and team goals.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members

Everyone has gifts and abilities that can be exploited. A manager or a team lead has a responsibility to try and unearth those abilities and consider them when allocating tasks to team members. Being aware of your members’ skill-set is key to having a productive team.

For instance, you can ask one of your team members who sees the bigger picture to pitch unique ideas to clients. Allowing team members to do what they are best at and put their expertise, knowledge, and skills to the maximum is often the best way to contribute to an organization.

Whenever your team members put their skills to maximum use, your workplace enjoys a different level of productivity.

Encourage team building sessions

Another factor that impacts a team’s productivity is the comradeship between members. With a good relationship among team members and a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the organization’s environment becomes more positive. With a positive environment and a happy workforce, efficiency and productivity inevitably improve.

Team members have different personalities, and it is normal that not all members will get along with each other. To overcome any tension that may exist between team members, you can introduce team-building sessions. These not only create fun moments among members but also help iron out misunderstandings among members.

Use a project management software

The modern workplace has been impacted positively by technology, and the effect of online project management tools has undeniably played a role in enhancing teamwork and productivity. Choosing the right project management software for your organization can help you manage work effectively and boost teamwork among members.

Tools like are essential online project management software that helps organize your clients, projects, and members in one place for simplistic management. This tool has features like a discussion space and group chat that could help elevate your productivity to new heights.

Create a positive work environment

The work environment and setup of your organization can make or break your team’s efficiency and productivity. A recent study showed that a work environment influences how workers feel and perform at a workplace.

Following such studies, most people are taking seriously the design of their office interiors. Particularly, they are ensuring that the design incorporates ample lighting, cozy furniture arrangement, as well as plants and flowers to give the office a feel of nature. Apart from the physical arrangement, the office environment is also vital to a team’s productivity. A domineering boss, patronizing co-workers, and workplace quarrels can dampen the environment, negatively affecting the efficiency and productivity of members of the organization.

Motivate through incentives

Whenever employees are given a reason to perform to their level best, they sure will! If you can appreciate their efforts, especially through monetary incentives, you could see them performing to their highest level. Rather than just a pat at the back, most employers now prioritize implementing incentive programs for the motivation of their employees.

Recent research indicated that 85% of workers felt extra motivated to perform to their level best upon being offered an incentive. Such incentives could come in the form of cash, paid vacations, shopping vouchers, extra days off, lunch-outs, and so on. Managers, I hope that pint is home.

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