Why Push The Mower When You Can Ride On It


Our medical practitioners are always telling us that we need to get ourselves some exercise and so they suggest that we get out there into our gardens and start doing some weeding and grass cutting to burn off those excess calories and to increase our overall flexibility. This is excellent advice no doubt but many people end up hurting themselves because they have to push a lawn mower over a significant area and so they end up doing more harm than good. Spending time in the garden should be an enjoyable experience and so with that in mind, maybe it’s time that you treated yourself to something that makes life a little easier like a ride on mower.

There are some fantastic John Deere ride on mowers currently available and they are changing how people do the gardening and particularly cut the grass. If you’re going to spend some money on yourself this year then this is going to be one of the smartest purchases that you will ever make and if you need to convince your other half or to convince yourself that you need one of these, then maybe the following benefits of having your own ride on lawnmower can help to change minds.

  • It’s certainly a time saver – When you think of the time spent pushing a standard mower up and down a large garden all the time, it amounts to a significant amount of area covered and a significant amount of time wasted that could be better spent tending to your flower beds and getting rid of those damn weeds. The wonderful thing about a ride on lawnmower is that you just sit back, relax and let the machine do all of the hard work for you. Over the course of the gardening year, this is a significant amount of hours saved every single month and it is certainly the eco-friendly choice every single time.
  • It makes life easier – As was mentioned briefly before, spending time in the garden should be an enjoyable experience and not one that includes lots of hard work. Cutting a lawn and one that is on a gradient isn’t as easy as it looks and it can get to be incredibly boring standing behind a standard lawnmower and pushing it up and down a hill all day.
  • No pulling cords for you – The standard lawnmower can only be started by the pool of the cord and if you have a particularly stubborn machine that doesn’t start first time, every time then you can end up wearing yourself out even before the gardening has begun. That’s the wonderful thing about a ride on mower because everything begins at the turn of the key or the push of a button. Due to the fact that it is a John Deere ride on mower, it will start every single time and so you don’t have to be Mister Universe to get your mower started every single time.

Hopefully these three reasons give you justification to treat yourself for a change and to buy yourself a piece of garden equipment that every amateur gardener should have.

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