7 Critical Tips for a Smooth Office Relocation


Moving to a new office is not the same as moving to a new home. It isn’t easy to pack some electronics in the office. Office moving also involves big, bulky furniture.

It takes a lot of work to move to a new office. Hire a professional mover to reduce the stress of office moving and make the process go smoothly. Hiring a moving company also reduces your expenses and saves you time.

Use the following office moving tips to plan your office move.

1. Communicate with Your Workers

Do not leave your employees in the dark. Tell them you plan on moving to a new office. And communicate with them your moving plans and time schedules. You can even ask them to help you move. They can pack the items on their desks and label their boxes.

Also, some of your employees might not like the office move. For instance, they may have to spend more money on transport. Communicate with them early to avoid any issues during your moving day. You can even tell them how the move will benefit them.  

2. Choose a Move Manager

You do not have to do everything on your own. One of your employees can manage the move. Therefore, pick someone to be a move manager. If there is someone in your office who has some experience in office moving, choose that person. Ensure that the person has well knowledge of things to take care when moving so that you have a stress-free move.

Picking someone with some experience reduces your stress. The move manager will handle most of the work. You will have more free time to do other important things.

However, if you have some experience in office relocation, plan your office move. You do not have to choose a move manager.

3. Deep Clean Your Office

Do not forget to deep clean your current office before relocating. If you were renting your current office, hire a professional cleaning company to be deep clean it. Do not ask your employees to deep clean your office. They may not have experience in deep cleaning.

Hire professional cleaners to do a perfect job. Do not worry about the cost of hiring professional cleaners. You will have peace of mind leaving your old office clean. And your landlord will return your full security deposit. Therefore, you will not lose any money.

4. Hire the Best Moving Company

Do not hire a moving truck. Then, pack and load your items to the moving truck. It is risky to drive a moving truck. You may spend more money by hiring a moving truck. Instead, hire the best moving company to help you with your office move. Hire a full service moving company to save some money.

How do you choose a moving company? Ask for recommendations. Get quotes from multiple moving companies. Compare their quotes. Check the license and insurance of the mover. In short, hire a professional moving company with a proven track record of success in office moving.

5. Ask Your Employees to Help

Involving your employees reduces the stress and challenges of office moving. Your employees can do some of the work. They can work together, which is a great team-building opportunity. For example, your employees can pack the items on their desks and make an inventory list.

6. Update Your Important Documents and Business Address

Once you change your business address, change everything to your new business address, such as website, business cards, and other public materials. Inform your clients and customers about your office move. And send them your new business address.

Do you get supplies from various vendors? Do not forget to give them your new business address. Once you update your important documents, you will have peace of mind. By the way, it is easy to change your business address. So, change your business address before you move to your new office.

7. Choose the Right Office

Once you decide to change offices, do not rush to pick a new office. You have to research several office spaces. Use the internet to find several local office spaces. Write down the location of these offices. Visit these offices to check out the location and sizes of these offices. Remember to ask about the amenities offered.

The location of the office is important. You want to choose an office in a safe and secure location. Make sure it is easy to access the office. You do not want your employees, clients, customers, and vendors to have a problem accessing your office. Therefore, choose the best location.

8. Label Your Boxes

Label your boxes before you move to your new office. Labeling your boxes makes it easy to keep track of everything. It takes time to label all boxes. Therefore, your employees can help you label the boxes. It is easy to unpack the labeled boxes. You will unpack them in their right rooms.

These are the best office moving tips. Hiring a professional mover is the most important thing. A professional mover will make your office move go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, ensure you are hiring the right moving company.

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