How to Choose Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Your Business?


The increase in omnichannel marketing has brought about a need to create a greater number of assets. They are essential to support the different touchpoints and channels. Many marketers face a scenario in which they have to develop digital assets and speedily deliver them. As the requirement for digital assets increases, businesses require a cost-efficient method to handle the process. This is where AI-powered digital asset management that efficiently stores and shares the assets becomes important. It utilises Machine Learning to determine the content of the images and creates suitable tags automatically. Thus, you save a significant amount of time in manually filling these fields. 

Do you know that the global digital asset management (DAM) market is expected to climb even higher than $5.65 billion by 2022? Here are the essential considerations for investing in the right solution. 

Whom Do You Require the Solution for?

Considering the needs and requirements of the end-user is of utmost importance. Invest in a DAM that fits your business. Regard it as a kind of library where end-users of various departments will put their stuff and take it out. You should also assess your workplace culture and make it conducive for employees to use it. Both the management and the end-users should feel motivated about using it. Purchase a DAM that fulfils the needs of your users rather than making their work complicated.

Take Stock of the Format of Your Digital Assets

Every company, from small to big, has numerous data silos. Assess the different file types that users handle. For example, legal files usually have pdf documents, and the marketing department works with video, photoshop, JPEGs, and the like. Choose a DAM that supports different file formats. When you gain knowledge of the kind of files that you have to work with, you will get an insight into how you can work with them when you plan to purchase a DAM. 

The Capacity for Integration

Most organisations require a DAM solution that functions as a centralised hub for their numerous digital assets. It means looking for a digital asset management solution that integrates with the current applications and systems. Companies might also need access to an open API. A DAM that aggregates from various physical and cloud sources and can manage all file types is what businesses should be looking for. It ensures that the digital assets are safe and secure in a single place.

Assess How Secure is the Platform

Whenever you are looking for a DAM for your business, check whether it has encrypted security. Security best practices like multi-factor security and robust authentication should be a part of the platform you choose. It, in turn, will ensure that your crucial business data can be accessed only by authorised users. If you have decided on a cloud-hosted solution, determine your data and servers’ location, and go through the privacy policy. These are crucial factors for ensuring data security.

The Mistake that You Shouldn’t Make

When deciding to invest in a DAM for your business, you’re introducing an element that’s not a part of the established paradigm. To ensure success with its adoption, involve all the people who will use it at the different stages of the asset’s life cycle. By not involving the users of the solution, you will not be able to leverage DAM effectively.

Today, there are a lot of different digital asset management solutions available in the market. To find the best one for your organisation, assess your processes and the problems of your end-users. It will facilitate its successful adoption and implementation.

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