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How You Can Easily Choose the Right Doors and Roofs for Garden Sheds


Sometimes when you’re considering buying the best garden sheds, you just feel it. You just know that it’s the right one, the right style and fit.

But, how about when you look for details like the shed’s door and roof? Will you hesitate for a moment?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Easy, relatable, and practical, this is your guide to choosing the right doors and roofs – just what you need. Let’s start!

Choosing Shed Doors

When purchasing a shed, the doors are an important factor to remember.

  • Single/Double Doors: You’ll need a single or double door system depending on the size of your shed and the equipment you want to store.

So, think about it carefully!

.Gardeners who want to store lawnmowers and other larger equipment should opt for double doors.

You don’t want to experience the hassle of fitting it through a single doorway 

  • Sliding/Roll-up Doors: If you have limited space, consider using sliding or roll-up doors to conserve room in your yard.

Speaking of space, weather conditions like snow makes it harder for opening doors. 

Roll-up doors are an ideal option if you live in an environment where it snows in the winter.

Shed Roof Designs

Yes, weather conditions are quite a problem. Fortunately, there are roofing systems to accommodate any place or weather conditions, and they are available in a wide range of styles. 

Your shed’s roof determines the total volume of the building as well as its appearance.

Here are some of the top shed roof choices. 

  • Flat Roofs: Of course, you can choose to settle for the basics. Flat roofs are the simplest type of roof.

Contractors can make these kinds of roofs quickly as it requires less complexity.

So, if you want simplicity, cleanliness, and less-costly, this is your type of roof.

  • Hip Roofs: In this roofing system, you’ll see four triangle-shaped panes that form a pyramid-like structure.

It’s highly recommended to areas where the wind blows constantly.

Fun fact: Triangles are the strongest shapes in the world.

  • Gambrel Roofs: The barn-style appeal of this roofing system adds height to the shed’s roof and allows you to add a storage loft.

If you plan on having larger sheds, these roofs work best for you.

  • Sloping Roofs: Like flat roofs, sloping roofs are among the most basic roof designs you’ll ever see.

Just picture this: From the front of the shed to the back, one panel slopes down. That’s it!

However, the good thing about its simplicity is its builder-friendly. 

So, for gardeners who require a small footprint and plenty of headroom, you may want to look for this one.

  • Gable Roofs: Two roof panels of similar height, sloping down to either side of the building, yes, that’s how basic these roofs are.

But the high peak of the roof creates a lot more space inside the shed.

Who doesn’t want to move freely inside their sheds?

  • Catslide Roofs: The back panel of the roof slopes downward and stops a few feet short of the deck in the style of colonial salt boxes found in New England.

This design expands the shed’s floor space while limiting headroom and overhead storage.

Yes, it’s not always perfect, but why should anybody care? It all boils down to character preference and compatibility.

But, having a garden shed that lasts longer than expected is what makes every gardener’s happy place. So, be mindful when designing yours!

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