Favouritetable: Leading Table Reservation System in the UK


The thought of selecting a place to eat on weekends is a daunting one for sure. However, what scares me more is reaching your favourite restaurant and finding no place to sit. Long hours of waiting just for a table, especially on weekends was what kickstarted the journey of Favouritetable to become one of the leading table reservation systems in the UK.

 Started in 2011, Favouritetable helps customers search for restaurants all over the UK and make reservations well in advance. Favouritetable.com attracts more than 2,40,000 visitors per month and more than 1.3 million total page views. The question is, what are the factors which kickstarted the growth of Favouritetable? 

User-Friendly Website 

One of the most attractive features of an online business is its website. Favouritetable.com is what a user-friendly webpage looks like. Their website provides various features like hassle-free bookings. In just a few clicks, In-depth descriptions of restaurants, including filtering out restaurants based on cuisines, time and date availability and chat assistance to the customers to take care of their personalised requirements. 

Favouritetable also has a section for menu, valuable suggestions and reviews of particular restaurants from people who have visited the restaurant. 

After-sales services 

A business runs on the goodwill. While the acquisition of new customers is essential, getting repeated sales is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to growing a business. How does Favouritetable get repeated sales? Favouritetable values customer experience and provides repeated customers with attractive offers and personalised user experience. 

End to End Assistance 

As discussed in the previous point, Favouritetable values customer experience. Henceforth, Favouritetable takes full responsibility for the services of it provides by maintaining professional and valuable relations with its partner restaurants.

 They also take care of the complaints submitted by their customers. Most of the businesses miss out on end to end assistance, which in turn affect the goodwill and repeated sales. 

Active Social Media Presence

A day in our life doesn’t go by without using some of the most popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Developing a presence on social media is a long term process. It requires providing consistent value by delivering visually appealing content regularly. However, building a presence on social media is worth all the time and efforts as It reaps benefits much more than the actual investment. 

Favouritetable delivers visually appealing content on all the social media platforms regularly. Their Instagram handle is full of beautiful food pictures accompanied with various offers on different restaurants, which plays a significant role in acquiring customers through these channels. 

Unique Selling Point

No matter how good a business is at providing their services. Competition is ever rising and more than it has ever been. Especially in the Internet world. What sets a company apart from its customers is their unique selling point. Why as a customer will you choose one service provider over others? The unique selling point plays an exciting role when the customer makes this decision. 

Favouritetable’s USP is that it allows visitors to filter out the menu for certain ingredients which they do not wish for. For Example, if you suffer from gluten intolerance, you can easily filter out the menu of restaurants and get to have a look at the dishes suitable according to your personalised needs.

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