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Founder – Manish Gupta

Website – Uincept

How beautiful is it to share your experiences with people who have the same dreams as yours? Uincept has come up with a similar concept in the market. It is a accelerator that has launched multiple incubation programs for edtech startups.

A joint report from Google and KPMG says that the online education sector has seen an 8x growth in India. The growth has brought a huge impact on the ed-tech market. As per the reports, the ed-tech sector has the potential to reach $1.96 billion in the next 2 years. The recent data also states the presence of over 3600 ed-tech startups who are into real-time scenario engagements, parent engagement, VR content, personalized assessments, language tools and much more.

While these startups have a huge potential to bring innovative solutions in the market, they face several challenges; the most important one being how to give a kick start to their startup.

UIncept, formerly known as UDGAM, is a platform that comes up with solutions for the potential new entrepreneurs through their incubation programmes. Their programmes are specially designed to help the new age entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of being an investment-ready startup.

About UIncept

UIncept was formed by Manish Gupta, who is not just the founder but the chief mentor of the firms. Manish comes with over 25 years of experience in leading Jagan Group of Institutions that has universities and colleges all around the country.

Manish believes that the program could build a conducive space for the upcoming entrepreneurs with an investment-ready position and lead on a fast track in their startup journey. He believes that without the right support and system in place, it is very tough for the businesses to grow economically and socially in the system.

And hence, forming a good network of mentors, partners for tech support brands and investors, UIncept has taken a step forward to empower the future entrepreneurs of the country.

Under the constant leadership and support of the CEO, Ms Divvya, UInicept has been successful in its previously conducted incubation programs.

11-month program turning your business idea to product launch

The 11-month program by UIncept is about helping the new-age entrepreneurs come up with sustainable business ideas convert into dynamic plans, knowledge of the future technology, digital product management, financial analysis, investor sessions, pitch techniques and exit strategies. The program leads entrepreneurs to an opportunity to understand all the financial, administrative and legal aspects of running a business.

In this program, UIncept has partnered with seasoned experts from IIMs, MICA, NID and other leading institutions to help these budding entrepreneurs think on validating their business ideas. Their mentoring sessions help the learners understand different scenarios helping them take their business building in the right direction.

To build a real corporate environmental situation, the participants are given access to the world-class infrastructure of 12,000 sq. ft. They are allocated conference rooms, workspace, access to cutting-edge technologies and innumerable amenities building a smooth working environment.

Towards the end of the journey, this program has got a special opportunity for 20 selected business ideas with potential investors helping them with their startup launch in the market.

Final words

Being a once in a lifetime opportunity, UIncept has come up with a brilliant idea of helping the budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. From enhancing your learning curve to building your own business, this concept by Manish Gupta has enhanced the entrepreneurial community to a different level altogether.

Incubate with UIncept and get validation for your idea in the market today!

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