The journey of fabrics to garment


The garment industry is an ever-green domain, and they make wonders from turning a simple fabric into an article of pretty clothing. All the credit goes to the tireless sewing machines that can do magic in no time. The complex stitches that one can see on the clothes happen so quickly with a sewing machine. A recent survey says that, The Australian clothing industry exports over $250 million in Clothing articles each year. And so, it is crucial to pick the best industrial sewing machines in Australia.

Sewing machines can be both mechanical and electronic. A traditional sewing machine merely uses threads attached to the needle to sew different fabric pieces together. On the flip side, electronic sewing machines involve only some functional keys. Adjusting these keys to one’s requirements will help the computers do all the work by themselves.

How different is an Industrial sewing machine?

The Industrial sewing machine is different from the domestic one in many ways. They are typically the ones apt for businesses and factories. Industrial machines are often preferred for heavy duties. They can run for extended periods, unlike the domestic ones.

Industrial sewing machines can give high-quality results comparatively as they work faster. Thus, they will speed up the production time. And so it has a direct impact on the profit figure.

When it’s about the machine components, an industrial type will have complex hefty components like the motors. These motors are powerful and give time-driven results.

How to choose the right one?

While there are so many options for buying industrial sewing machines in Australia, one must know these guidelines to pick the best one.

Check for speed

Industrial sewing machines come with various speed rates. These are about the number of stitches they can do per minute. If one needs a sewing machine for a growing business, then choosing high-speed ones is necessary. Also, the fabric type can be considered while picking the speed. It is because units with a higher pace may not be suitable for thicker fabrics.

Know the stitch type

Different industrial machines can work on various stitch types. Knowing the stitch type can help one choose the apt type. Also, stitch lengths must also be kept in mind while picking.

Look for the noise

Since industrial sewing machines have powerful motors, they emit loud noises when they work. The Clutch motors are loud-mouthed, whereas the servo motors are not too loud.

Look for the price

Industrial machines come at differing prices. Some are affordable and others may be expensive yet worth the buy. So, it is always preferable to pick a sewing machine that suits one’s budget. At the same time, it is necessary to make a realistic budget for the current market trends.

Check movability

It is also required to check if the sewing unit is easy to move. Older models are usually hefty and not easy to transport. If one needs a portable machine, it is necessary to look for a lighter machine so that it is easy to carry.

Why are industrial sewing machines better?

Though industrial machines are expensive than conventional ones, they take an edge due to various reasons like:

  • They are safer to use since they come defined with appropriate safety features to keep the user guarded.
  • Industrial machines offer a range of customisable options which are absent in the conventional ones.
  • They come in different types and offer the user to pick the right one.
  • They have a longer life and even when they work tirelessly every day.

To conclude, it is necessary to look out for features of an industrial sewing machine that will match one’s needs for an optimal experience.

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