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Hiring an SEO Company, and especially a trusted one is always a daunting task for business owners. In a past few years, a majority of SEO companies failed to update themselves with the ongoing change in Google Updates.


According to a recent survey in Delhi and Noida, a lot of companies who opted for Local SEO Companies were guaranteed first page results. Little did they know, the keywords promised were of no search volume or little or no competition at all. Which eventually means – no results.


And those who opted for Manush Digitech as their SEO Company seems to be completely satisfied with their results.


So, what exactly did they do? How Manush Digitech Served as one of the most exceptional SEO Companies for its clients in Delhi and Noida? Let’s find out.


Located in Delhi, with branches in Noida, Manush Digitech is a Company that provides Website Designing and Complete Digital Marketing Services. But what makes it different from other SEO companies is their genuineness.


Genuineness? So, you mean to say other SEO companies are not genuine?


To answer this question, let’s create a scenario.




You are someone who recently opened a business and have zero to little knowledge about how SEO works. All you know about SEO is the keyword you want to rank for should be on Page-1 of Google soon after you purchase an SEO Service.


And you approach an SEO Firm, who guarantees you the first page ranking of that particular keyword within a specific time frame.


You keep spending thousands of dollars per month to see that keyword on the top results of Google. But it does not happen even after spending so much. You call the company, and they ask you to wait a little more time, and then they disappear.


You are now left with a website with a lot of spammy incoming links and no organic searches. Not to mention, an empty pocket as well.


But that’s where Manush Digitech comes as a savior. First things first, the company does not guarantee you any first page results, in any specific timeframe whatsoever. Which, in general, is a sign of a genuine SEO company who does not want to give false hopes to their clients. But what makes it an SEO company if there are no page one guarantees?


In this case, let’s see another scenario of what happens when you buy SEO services from a company that guarantees and also delivers page one results.




In this scenario, the SEO company you choose somehow manages to rank some of the keywords on the first page of google. You search google for those keywords and are completely satisfied to see your keywords ranking in the First Position of the first page. But after a few days, you realize, you are not receiving any leads or any website traffic from Google. What could have gone wrong if all the keywords you wanted to be on the first page are there but you are not getting any traffic?


In this scenario, the keywords selected are of little or no search volume. Which means, the keywords your website is ranked for are the ones that no-one looks for. Or maybe someone looks for them once in a while but you receive no return on investment.


Which means, the SEO Company you opted for did poor keyword research and ranked your website on top results for zero competition keywords with no search volumes, just to show you that your site is on “Top of the search results.” So, again, you are left with no results and an empty pocket.


Manush Digitech does proper keyword research before starting your SEO Process and makes sure the process follows the updated guidelines of Google Updates. Apart from just relying on the first page results, they manage to bring relevant website traffic and leads from their off-page SEO Services. Which means recommending your website and placing its link on influencing guest posts, your business-related forums, and more.


Below is the before and after results image of Manush Digitech’s SEO Services



Final Word

The primary reason to choose Manush Digitech for your SEO is their genuineness and their fantastic record in increasing website traffic. In short – Manush Digitech is highly Recommended for SEO!

Know more about Manush Digitech SEO Services here.

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