Advantages Of A Dedicated Server


Choosing the right web host with a dedicated server makes a lot of difference for your business/website’s needs. A dedicated server, unlike a shared one, packs many advantages that are beneficial to you and your target audience and customers. This is especially important if looking to offer a premium service by paying for the best hosting service possible. Some of the benefits/advantages of a dedicated server from Beeks Group are outlined below.

Freedom To Use Server Resources Exclusively

With a dedicated server, you get full access to all the server resources. This thus means you won’t be sharing bandwidth, disk space, or RAM with anyone else. With root server access, you can choose to add or remove software as needed to optimize your website’s performance and reliability. As an added advantage, you can as well configure the server as per the optimal settings for your specific business or website. Anyone upgrading from a shared server will definitely appreciate the freedom and flexibility of a dedicated server.

Better Performance

Whatever your web hosting needs are, nothing beats performance and reliability. Lag and slow loading times will be a thing of the past if you upgrade to a dedicated server, regardless of the type of content you’ll be hosting on your website. Whether running an eCommerce website or an online multiplayer game/platform, a dedicated server is the best way to go. You also have the flexibility to add/buy more RAM, memory, and disk space according to demand. This thus means better overall website/online game performance.

It Is More Secure (Security)

Every website owner must ensure their clients/customers feel safe and secure when browsing through their website. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns today, with dozens of businesses losing millions due to cyberattacks and cybercrime. A dedicated server is one of the best ways to ensure optimal security. This is because a dedicated server comes equipped with round-the-clock monitoring, firewalls, and customizable levels of security. All this is geared toward keeping information kept of the server safe and secure from preying or 3rd parties.


Reliability is a virtue when running an online business. It is the only way customers, and audiences can be assured you’ll be available when needed. Reliability is especially crucial for e-commerce websites, app developers, and online game servers. That said, it is important to choose a server that is not only fast and secure but also reliable. Only a dedicated server can offer such with little to no risk of server crashes or downtimes and easy website maintenance. There are moments when a server will be overwhelmed with traffic, causing slowdowns and sometimes downtimes. With no shared resources, a dedicated server can handle sudden surges in traffic, allowing you more bandwidth to realize and expand your website’s potential.

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