4 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle


At some point of time in a man’s life, he dreams about strapping on a helmet, donning aviator shades, hopping on a powerful motorcycle and riding away into the sunset. When he wakes up from this dream and steps into reality, he is bewildered; how to go about this dream? Should he choose a 125cc commuter or a 1000cc monster? Should he choose Honda motorcycle dealers in Sydney or some European importers? Choosing your next motorcycle buy is not as easy as walking up to Bondi Beach because you are investing a lot of your hard-earned money into a long term and, at times, an expensive hobby. Here are vital tips to consider while choosing your next motorcycle:


Motorcycle riding is an expensive hobby and is an investment that needs quite a bit of planning. Depending on which motorcycle type you narrow down to, prices can vary wildly. A regular commuter motorcycle may not need a lot of planning and can be affordable, but if you are eyeing the litre-class of motorcycles, then definitely consider planning your finances properly. The cost of a bike doesn’t stop at buying the machine. Do consider the cost of maintenance and spares. Sometimes individuals throw every bit of their money into owning the motorcycle, but they cannot afford the cost of spares and maintenance. Do talk to your chosen dealer and discuss the cost of owning a particular motorcycle.

Another option available to an individual is to consider purchasing a second-hand motorcycle rather than a brand new one. A second-hand motorcycle can fit into the budget and have an expert technician evaluate the machine before you seal the deal. Some second-hand motorcycles look good on the exterior, but the new owners spend a lot of money on repairs they were unaware of while purchasing.

Riding Experience:

An important point to consider before checking your wallet is how much riding experience you have. You can learn to ride any motorcycle irrespective of your current riding experience, but the real question is, what cost are you willing to pay? If you are new to riding and you choose to buy a powerful litre-class bike, then you may have a tough and unsafe time on the saddle. A new rider will find it extremely difficult to control the throttle response and may easily be overwhelmed by the weight of these powerful motorcycles. Another point is that these powerful bikes are loaded with expensive features, like electronically adjustable suspension, quick shifters etc. A new rider would not be able to utilise these features to their full potential due to a lack of experience, then why pay for them? Instead, stick to a budget 150cc machine to learn and up your riding skills.

If you are a more seasoned rider, choose your bike according to your riding style and need. You can select a bike with the right power-torque combination to compliment your riding style. You can now focus on your ride type, highway cruiser or off-roading or a combination of both.

Do Not Rush:

Motorcycle purchase is an investment into which a lot of thought should go. Do not rush to buy a motorcycle even if it fits your budget. If your research is not adequate, then you may end with a machine that can not only be a disastrous investment but can prove to be a danger to your own life and the lives of many others. It’s best to stick to genuine motorcycle dealers like the many honda motorcycle dealers in sydney. You can approach them to discuss your needs and expectations. A genuine dealer will provide you with all the information that will aid to make the right decision. This could be a time-consuming process but do not shy away from it.

Summing Up:

Armed with all the information to make your next suitable motorcycle purchase, you can now wear your aviator shades, strap on the helmet, hop on your dream bike and ride away into reality.

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