Foodeterian: From an idea to becoming the fastest growing food delivery startup in Bhubaneswar



Founder – Amit Kumar



Tell us something about Foodeterian?

Foodeterian – Foodeterian is Bhubaneswar based hyper local food ordering and delivery startup. We are registered startup under Startup India  campaign of government. Users can  see the restaurants around them, browse the menu from nearby restaurants and place order through us. We have some really great plans to transform the food delivery system in tier-2 cities. We are working towards bringing all restaurants and customers under one umbrella so that restaurants as well as customers can benefit through it.


How did you came up with the name “Foodeterian”?

Foodeterian – One day we were having dinner in a restaurant, celebrating a birthday. We have different food preferences. For a group of friends, we believe our food habits shouldn’t divide us as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. So we called ourself, foodeterian. We would like to ask people reading us, are you foodeterian?


How was your startup journey?

Foodeterian – We won’t say it was an easy journey. It was a rough and tough journey with lot of learning and implementation each day. Each day we use to evaluate the work we did whole day and further refining it towards perfection. We are totally bootstrapped startup and needless to say it restricted us in many ways. If we are truly passionate and honest with our aspirations give our best, there’s no hurdle big enough to stop us. As long as you have something to do, there’s something that could be done.




Tell us about your team?

Foodeterian – Our core team have six members. Amit Kumar is the CEO of Foodeterian. Amit is a really competent person with work experience within India and abroad in FMCG and user goods industry at managerial level. Pritish Patnaik looks after the admin and HR related things. Pritish has worked at managerial level in defense related industry and looks after every policy to make sure we are up on track with all policies mandated by government. Bushra Zareen has experience in brand management and she’s focused on corporate tie-ups and brand strategy as a Foodeterian core member. Shikha Gautam is our another important member who’s been handling the creativity part very efficiently. Bhanu Ranjan is another key member who looks after the operations. Bhanu Ranjan deals with all operations related issues to make sure we handle all disruptions effectively. Chandra Shekhar Satti have been working in IT sector as analyst for more than 3 years in various domains before becoming a Foodeterian. Chandra Shekhar Satti handle all digital and strategic planning here with Amit.


How is foodeterian impacting lives of local people?

Foodeterian – We are generating employment by  hiring local people for our operations. We are not just paying highest salary in our segment to our delivery executives but providing them training to handle situations and maintain professionalism. These people works for us on ground level and thus they are very important to us as they represent us. Our employees feel much connected to us at personal level and in turn works efficiently.


What’s encouraging the restaurants to become collaborate with Foodeterian?

Foodeterian – There is not just one reason. The restaurants in Bhubaneswar are highly competent and they even asks us about our team and our qualifications. Our team consists of highly qualified and skillful people across many industries. We take our work responsibly and provide seamless exposure on our social platforms as well. Now they don’t have to cancel the orders due to delivery because our model empowers them and we grow with them.


How are you performing at ground level?

Foodeterian – We are fastest growing food delivery startup in Bhubaneswar. When we say fastest growing, we mean it. We launched our operations on 27th January and till date we have around 50 restaurant units availing our service in a way or another. We are focused to provide best sustainable deals to restaurants to progress at a high pace.


What are your future plans?

Foodeterian – We are planning to hire more people to our team and expand our operations. We are looking for funding to do that. This will enable us to hire dedicated staff and share the current workload. Also we would be able to expand our operations and with proper mentorship and guidance, we are sure to bring exceptionally great results.

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