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Founders – Bhawana Khetan and Sunny Mogra

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In a country where the term ‘broker’ is still considered to be taboo, naturally, India is yet to have its own International Property consultant. Today, people have the choice of several channels like online search, real estate portals, etc. to gather information. The need for an expert though is always valued in any industry. Making people realize the tremendous benefits of utilizing a real estate advisor was not easy. Beating the odds, the journey of Address Advisors started in 2016. Sunny Mogra and Bhawana Khetan, the founders of the business, we’re driven to create value for their clients through their prowess in transaction services and brokerage services across all real estate verticals, having closed about 300+ deals comprising over 6 million sq. ft. of Real Estate transactions in Bangalore in 5 years. But was it this straightforward? No! People started valuing their services when they received a delightful experience. They started utilizing their knowledge to better their clients and people interested in real estate.

Filling the Market Gap

India is a unique market and people connect with emotion and relationships and a lack of Indian startups in the property consultancy industry triggered this firm to take that leap. When they started, they saw this gap and had the vision to take the first Indian Property Consultancy firm global.

They define their success by turning a cold call into a long-term client. When clients started believing in them, the company also started growing. The best part is that without adding any risk or funding support, the company continued the progress. It shows that if customers believe in a brand, it is destined to grow. The services provided by the company plays a vital role in it. The company is currently bootstrapped. However, they will start looking for funding in 2023.

Stand-out Approach 

The right people can do wonders with proper goal setting, work ethic, integrity, and the right approach. Address Advisors did exactly that. They focused on building the right culture and instilled within the team to genuinely help their clients with the right solution. The team follows an excellent consulting and advisory approach. They offer end to end real estate brokerage solutions. With over 100 years of consolidated experience in the real estate field, this business has grown from a boutique real estate firm to one of India’s leading property consulting firms. The clients fall in love with the brand because of their spirit as they have an advisory approach and guide them throughout the process. So anyone who wants to find the best addresses across all the asset classes, including rented, shared or owned, can simply reach out to them or visit their official website and enjoy the services.

Quality Services

The firm focuses on value-added services. They have identified & categorized their services into six different parts. They are as below:

· Corporate Real Estate

· Residential Transactions

· Land & Industrial

· Warehousing & Logistics

· Financial Structuring

· Hospitality

Clients looking for commercial real estate and a comprehensive workspace have finally arrived at the right place. Address Advisors offers services with brilliantly detailed analysis of the market conditions and strong relations with the property owners giving them an edge to get better deals. This brand has a team that has excellent expertise and understanding of the local market. They make sure that these all-inclusive services fit the needs of their clients.

Address Advisors Team

Similarly, one cannot ignore their unparalleled market knowledge in residential real estate services. They know both local markets and the markets across the cities. Therefore, clients who want to understand & invest in the residential market can make better decisions ensuring their requirements are covered.

This is how they have been thriving for years. One of the biggest reasons is their passion, hard work, in-depth knowledge and reliability. Today, people all over the world are associated with them and their outstanding knowledge and experience always help customers get the best value for their hard-earned money. 

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