Kidzapp – The ultimate business idea enriching experience for the kids!


Founder – Karim Ghassan

Website – Kidzapp

Gone are the days when kids bump into you because you on Fridays pleasing you to take them out on some fun events or places to play. Kidzapp has successfully come up with a solution for all those parents with naughty kids at home. Today we shall talk about this beautifully designed application and the story behind its development and success.

The business idea

The founder of the Kidzapp, Karim Ghassan, mentions that his parents used to keep exploring different worlds of experiences for the kids. Struggling every Friday for the kids to find out what events have been taking place around, he felt the need to have a single straight platform that could connect the families of the kids and the event planners who had their events up in the market. He realised the need for filling in the gap between the parents of the kids and the event organisers and brought it all on an online platform. And this need for gap-filling got him his startup idea of developing an application that would work as a one-stop platform for all the kids’ needs. He built a simple to use application for the parents that help them book the events and find out various venues, classes, events and places to be with their kids. Karim believes that a pre-planned startup could help the family save a lot of time on Fridays and make it to the best plans for their kids.

Kidzapp setup and success

The application was set up in 2017. Today, it gives more than 2500 kids enriched experiences, details of over 500 venues and events and availability of more than 1000 classes available for the kids to learn. Being a team of ambitious and creative professionals, the Kidzapp team has invested their time and money in providing great opportunities to the families. They have worked on grabbing and posting the best opportunities to play as well as learn in and around. Post the set-up, the company has grown and achieves immense positive response from the users. Interestingly, the application has beautifully given these families memories to remember. Kidzapp considers its success for perfectly interacting with customers and giving them a wide range of options to explore for fun activities outdoors.

What success means to Kidzapp

For the Kidzapp team, success is all about their agility and promptness to respond to their customers. Karim mentions that there is always a room to improve, and success in terms of improvement to Kidzapp is all about enhancing the booking process and activities they have listed on their application. Kidzapp has been able to provide enriching experiences in terms of family fun activities, learning events, occasional activities, excursions, etc., which help in successful parenting. And this successful parenting through Kidzapp makes the application a success.

Risks associated with the startup idea

While the application is all about giving as much content as possible to the customers, a major risk that the application faces is failing to come up with an event that the kids or the parents may be looking for. Users may be scrolling the events and may not catch the attention of an event that may be the most relevant one. Understanding and capturing the expectations of the customers rightly is one of the biggest risks the company faces.

Future outlook

In the future, the company has the same plans as the ones today but in wider terms. Kidzapp has its complete focus on terms such as entertainment and meaningful contribution. The application looks forward to widely serving the customers with a variety of kids-inspired activities, an impactful branding and different ideas on enhancing the childhood experiences of the kids.

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