The leather laundry story; An Innovative Laundry Service


Founder – Mallika Sharma

Website – The leather laundry

We’ve heard and experienced so many laundry services in the market. They have almost become a very important and dependable part of our lives. But ever heard of a laundry service that deals solely in the laundry of leather products? Sure, you must have. But let’s talk about this innovative startup story that started half a decade back serving as a laundry in the leather industry.

The start of the business

Started by Malika Sharma back in 2015, the startup comes with a lot of experience and know-how of the leather business. Having an experience of almost 25 years, Malika realised that there was a gap between the leather products and professional leather care techies. Secondly, being an environmentalist, Malika came up with the idea of the business of laundry. 

The business came up with a thought that people would discard less of their leather gear if they could have their leather products cleaned, repaired and cared for. The laundry business could start helping the environment to a very great extent where leather products could be reused with the idea of cleaning and repairs. And this thought took the business forward towards success. 

About The Leather Laundry

Professionalising in the niche of repairs and spa of the luxury leather, the company was formed in 2015. The Leather Laundry offers services including reports, cleaning, restoration and reviving of the leather products such as jackets, handbags, wallets, shoes, belts, etc. The startup has been into the leather industry from the past 30 years because they are a second generation initiative and have been serving as a laundry service for 5 years.

Leather Landry is a family enterprise and based in New Delhi. It is also a leading leather manufacturer and exporter of leather apparel. The sole aim of the company is to offer high-quality cleaning and reducing the waste of leather in the environment.

Leather Laundry Services

There is a wide range of services that this startup covers. These include laundry cleaning, customisation services and bespoke leather jacks. 

Under the laundry service, they cover cleaning and moisturizing of leather, colouring and refinishing and finally repairs and replacement of the leather. They can help you remove the dust and soil from the leather products and apply the required oils to make it look like a new product all over again. They apply a topcoat of various creams to bring back the moisture and softness in the leather. Secondly, they use the refinishing oils to bring back the colour of the leather or soften it further. And if you finally wish to repair the leather product, get lining fabric, or get some stitch work that blends with the product, the team has experts for that too.

The customisation services include alterations, modifications in colour and quality, strap length adjustment in the bags, embroidery, modification of texture and much more. 

Last but not the least, The Leather Laundry is the best and the ultimate solution to get the most fashionable leather jackets of your choice. 

The success of the company

Success, as already mentioned above, to The Leather Laundry means achieving the greatest quality of leather in their repair work. Ever since they initiated their business in April 2015, the team completed more than 5000 orders in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. They have gradually grown and expanded in terms of revenue. 

Challenges of the company

Behind every success, there persist a huge number of challenges in business. And so has The Leather Laundry faced a number of them. However, a major challenge they share with us is the hiring of staff who is well equipped with the skills and retaining them has been tough. However, they have managed to never run out of staff and have fulfilled customer orders always. 

Funding plans

The startup is a bootstrap business as of now. However, once there has been a considerable growth in the business, the startup may expect some funding from the public.

Final Words

Innovative ideas keep coming through when we keep digging deeper into a particular niche. And so has The Leather Laundry been one of them!

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