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Co – Founders – Siddhant Jain, Husain Lucky & Pragati Agarwala

“It’s not where you take things from, it’s about where you take things to.”

Three Fourth Solutions stands apart in its place as a brand management and digital media service provider due to the nature of the responsibility it undertakes. In the current market, there is a stark lack of an organization/business that provides a variety of services to its clients under a sole parasol. The absence of such agencies makes coordination and delivery of solutions a decidedly difficult proposition for prospective clients.

Established in 2014, Three Fourth Solutions started small and has only grown over time from just it’s founders to a team of 50+ individuals today. Hence, flourishing from a humble 100sqft office, they undertook the colossal task of bridging the rather prominent gap, the aim being to offer clients the ease of multiple services such as Brand Planning and Consultancy, Digital Media Campaign Delivery and Execution, along with Experiential Marketing Campaigns, all together. 

This accredits the agency in taking pride in itself as being uniquely competent in providing all-round branding resolutions and consistently delivering creative concepts and solutions to iron out business challenges for its stakeholders. 

All said and done, every business realizes the essentiality of having a firm foundation in 4 key spheres – Research, Planning, Execution and Finance. Three Fourth Solutions assumes the responsibility of executing the former 3, out of the 4. It thus made it rather fitting to name the agency so. 

Branding companies operate with the underlying belief that any brand needs to be able to narrate a crisp, firm story in order to not only flourish but also carve a path for itself. Brands without stories and human ideologies, render themselves tasteless along with being sidelined by other growing giants. 

The ever-expanding diversity in the world, let alone markets, needs to be paid attention to, which is precisely why Three Fourth Solutions’ multifaceted nature makes it the unconventional marketing stop. Brands can find themselves being catered to in the following services: 

1. Communication Design

2. Social Media Management

3. Public Relations

4. Website and App Development

5. ATL/BTL Activations

6. Prints

Furthermore, modeling on Darwinist principles, TFS constantly endeavours to grind and adapt to ensure that brands reach their customers. The natural tendencies of trends cause them to be in states of constant flux, however, brands remain definite. TFS aims to consistently innovate in order to digitally integrate brands in aspects of everyday life. It believes in facing challenges head-on, come what may. The internet era has made it rather clear that data privacy is of a rather important deposition.

 The level of transparency in our ever-expanding social world paves way for endless opportunities. This, however, can be severely stunted unless the right vision is adopted and adapted upon. Being responsible towards the world we live in and making a significant impact, whether it’s from the client’s end or what the agency represents from its end, is the foundational ideology that TFS cultivates upon. A few clients that have worked with TFS are Wildstone, CODE, Style Baazar, Skipper, Novotel, DLF, Manyavar, Hyatt, Haldirams, Future Group, Faabiiana, Anmol industries, to name a few. 

TFS believes in improving the digital ballgame by providing easy access, 24/7 crisis management and a minimalist approach in getting the right message across to the clients is key to a sustainable market.  

Agencies should strive to offer need-based solutions for companies & organizations, rather than a standardized agenda that in itself acts as a catalyst to growth in today’s ever-expanding marketing industry. The company now has a sales force presence in Delhi, Guwahati as well as Siliguri, apart from headquarters based in Kolkata.

Lastly, since its inception in 2014, the company has observed 120% top-line growth and a 30% growth in the number of clients, simultaneously with the launch of a PR wing. The company now has an established presence in Delhi, Guwahati as well as Siliguri, apart from headquarters based in Kolkata. 

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