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The Inspiring Startup Story Of Dr. Sneha Sharma And How She Is Changing The World Through Her Vision


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From her early days, Dr. Sneha Sharma believed that skills are something that are not acquired from birth, a person acquires new skills from the world around them. And through proper mentoring, these skills can be developed and inculcated. Recalling some of Dr. Sneha’s early experiences, she loved to provide mentorship and counselling to her cousins, classmates and juniors. And when she got into her college, she worked more on this skill and helped people to develop confidence about their career choice.

After finishing her MBA, she actively joined as full-time faculty in business communication and helped young minds to choose their dream career. In 2018, she finally came up with idea of starting her own venture as an independent consultant and coach, in which she helped students to achieve clarity about their career. She uses goal-setting blueprint to help create a vision that will lead them to their dream career. This idea was the seed  that led to the birth of her startup.

What vision does Dr. Sneha and her company has?

For any company or individual , it needs to have a vision , a vision for success.  is the prime leading factor. And for Dr. Sneha, this vision for success means helping every student achieve their dream career. And to achieve this success, Sneha has devised a solid 6 step formula that can be applied to each and every student.

First is the dream career blueprint, followed by goal setting, and then the LinkedIn Networking strategies. The fourth step is the public speaking fluency, then comes 5-star resume creation and finally an interview mastery framework.  She also helps young minds in choosing their dream career life by giving them success formula based on goal setting, time management, healthy lifestyle, prioritization, and personal branding.

And based on this, Sneha’s current goal is to guide 1 million students to achieve their dream career.

Biggest challenges faced by the startup

Dr. Sneha shares her experience of being a solopreneur, the pros and cons of it. As a solopreneur, she surely had all the power and decision making to herself, but at the same time, the responsibilities and the burden of managing everything on her own was a difficult and challenging task. But she never looked back on any of these, and through perseverance, prioritization and faith, she built a smooth setup.

How does the startup stand apart from the rest of the crowd?

For Sneha, this startup isn’t a competition where she would just get ahead of her competitors in any way possible. She believes in her vision and a holistic approach of guiding students towards their dream career. She believes that they can’t just focus on one aspect and expect to achieve their dream. She believes that true success demands an overall development. 

What is the current position of the startup?

Dr. Sneha started her business in 2018, and it has been over 3 years since she is independently running her business like a charm. With the ongoing lockdown situation, and the adaptation towards online systems has helped Sneha’s business flourish exponentially. Thanks to all these technologies that her startup has gained more recognition that she ever expected. Until recently, her services were offline and could be taken only in North India, but with the coming of online means, now she is working with students and institutions from all over India.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this journey?

I am a firm believer that skills can be developed and inculcated. And since my childhood I had always enjoyed mentoring and counselling whether it was for my younger sibling, cousins, classmates or juniors. Further while I was studying MBA,my stint with Trainingand mentoring got more solid. And I realised that people around me needed help in building their confidence. Many of my juniors were not clear with what they want from their career and it was one of the major obstacles. And this is how as a part of my projects I started working in this domain and then after I completed my MBA I joined as a Full Time Faculty in Business Communication and started grooming and training young minds.

And being a graduate in science and post graduate in management I can very well relate to the transitions that students face these days and thus in 2018 I started working as an Independent consultant and Coach , started helping students get career clarity and get their dream job. I help young minds by first choosing the right career path and then provide the goal setting blueprint which takes them to their dream career. I also train them to reach their dream company by preparing them for the Personal Interview, Public Speaking and creating a five star resume. And I am proud that with this approach students are getting great results.

When did you start your business?

I have been working in this field since 2006 but I started as an Independent Career Coach in 2018, so yes I am in year 3 of my business.

What does success mean to your company?

Success to my company is helping each student of my Dream Career Hub community live their dream career.

And I achieve this with my Six Step Dream Career Success Formula, Starting with Dream Career Clarity Blueprint, Second Dream Career Goal Setting Blueprint, Third LinkedIn Networking Blueprint, Fourth Public Speaking Fluency Funnel, Fifth Five Star Resume Creation, Six interviews Mastery Framework.  

I also help students and young professionals find the purpose of their life by giving them a five step success mantra which revolves around Goal Setting, Time Management, Prioritization, Healthy Lifestyle and Personal branding.

So success to me means bringing clarity in life and career of my students.

How are you performing currently?

Due to the pandemic the acceptance of on-line system of training and development has got more recognition than ever. Thus students, colleges and parents all the stake holdersare now opening up and embracing the new technology with open arms.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

I think the biggest challenge that I had was that I started as a Solopreneur, although being a solopreneur gives you all the power but at the same time it gives you all the responsibility and accountability as well. So managing everything for newly setup business was a challenging task but with prioritization and faith in systems I was able to build a set up that worked for me like a charm.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

I have joined this field out of my passion to help students make the right career choice, so growth for me would me to make sure that I impact life of 1 million students and help them make the right direction towards their dream career.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

I think the major difference lies in the approach, the approach towards building a dream career. I believe in holistic approach. I think for anyone to build their dream life or their dream career, they can’t focus on just one aspect and get success. So I make sure that my students are groomed and developed across all the parameters that are crucial for success. I am spiritual being and I believe in the thought that we all perfect versions of ourselves as our have been created by no one else but the super power. So I help students with my proven system in uncovering their true potential, in knowing themselves and preparing them for their dream career.

Because I truly believe in the lines of Aristotle, “Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All Wisdom”.

Where are your start-up services spread?

Being in the business of Education based on use of Technology, I offer service both online and offline. Offline I am currently catering to North India. Offline I have been working with institutions and students across India.

What does it feel to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel getting up every morning and getting on to work?

Well, I am a follower of the concept by Robert Byrne ; “ The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. And I think I have truly got my purpose.

My purpose of impacting lives of hundred thousand students in building better career for themselves gives me a kick every morning. So every morning as a founder of a start-up that contributes to this purpose is like a blessing. When you can do what you really want to do , Life is a bliss. And that is the reason I instil my students in finding their purpose , Finding themselves a career that they love, they are good at, they can earn and add value to the world.

So this journey of entrepreneurship has its own up and down tracks, but I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. 

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

I believe in coming five years I will be able to complete a major part of my mission. And I will be able to help students build a great career for themselves. I plan to expand to the school arena for senior secondary students in coming five years.

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