A Start up business that helps to collect the fees digitally by numerous educational institutions


As well you all know that today digital and electronic technology plays a vital role in our day to day life. The digital media eliminates the paperwork and brings together a lot of new and latest hi-tech things. Most of the businesses take over their business replacing the traditional work with the gadgets and electronic devices.


There are many starts up firms that take the business digitally to reduce the regular work and inspire the other industry to convert their job so they can handle their payments automatically.


Now in this, we talk about such group of individuals who run their start up business and provide the opportunities to the learning institutions via their secure projects and replace the conventional method of fee collection and extend their system to digital transactions. With their passion, they decide to change the world.


Manisha Thakur MBA holder in Marketing starts her career as a marketing executive till her start up the business of digital fees collection, OnFees take a perfect place.

The electronic engineer Viral Dedhiya develop many web base apps by using digital media and work before his startup business of digital fees collection OnFees started.

Mayur Jain who was actually a Mumbai-based CA. he was associated with PwC for almost 6 years and handle many projects before OnFees happened.

They all provide a great platform for the collection of fees electronically.


Digital mutiny – This trio observed a gap in fee collection especially in educational institutes as Mayur says, “Most institutes collected their fees in cash, and last November’s demonetization suddenly made cash collection a big challenge. But the best thing is almost every university announced to go digital and ordered all affiliated colleges to go cashless.” They are actually providing a hassle-free process for fee collection because truly there was a need like never before for an online fee platform.


Another problem was faced by everyone especially by parents who have more than one child. They have to pay fees differently to multiple learning centers like schools, colleges etc. In that case, OnFees come up with a solution. They provide loan for those parents who want to pay a collective amount to multiple institutions. And those institutions can take payments digitally within less than two days.


The schools and colleges have also been asked to encourage cashless transactions and inspire students to do the same by creating alertness among people about it. Schools may intermingle with the parents during the PTA meeting to increase attentiveness about the reimbursement of non-cash dealings and stimulate students of senior classes to commence promotional proposal in their neighborhood to encourage cashless transactions. On current, most schools offer a non-cash mode for fee payment. They provide a unique and hassle free payment process so everyone can make their payments for schools, colleges, institution without standing in long queues.


People also take educational loan quickly with the digital system as compare to the traditional system where they suffer a lot of problems in handling cash for the institutional fees.


To make the online payments simply go to the onfees.com site that helps to make the online fees for the students. They also make their process for the abroad educational institutions so that costs can quickly collect by the schools and colleges. The students can also fill their submission from online to get admission in these centers.


This online start-up fees business also helps to solve the numerous problems for the various people that deal in cash payments and offer cashless services with the digital process.



  • They provide a flexible platform for the parents and many education institutions to accumulate the fees within two days.
  • They provide a vast network for the million of students in all over the world.
  • They help to reduce the risks and costs of managing cash at the object level.
  • They offer exclusive and alternate fee payment for the students.


In Mumbai, they recently raised Rs 2.5 crore in growth capital from some HNIs to clinch the market share at Rs 10-crore valuation. This year by August this trio is going to take on other major cities.

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