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Website – Zunpulse

Founder – Pranesh Chaudhary

Today, let’s get to know the interesting story of India’s largest residential solar energy rooftop installers. You must have understood that this brand offers smart, clean, and most demanding free electricity via solar and installs them efficiently through IoT or the internet of things. What can be better than this portable solution of saving electricity bills in a smart home? The demand has been increased a lot.

How did the groundbreaking idea come into existence?

According to Pranesh Chaudhary, the founder of Zunpulse, they are constantly working on solving energy issues in India by utilizing a renewable energy source. You will be amazed to know that most tech-savvy people are not aware of this renewable energy source. Hence they simply waste the clean energy and replace it with outmoded appliances. On the other hand, Zunpulse, India’s largest residential solar energy rooftop installer, helps them utilize this energy efficiently through their in-house IoT-enabled and apps. Isn’t it amazing?

Get introduced to the incredible benefits of a smart home

Today’s tech-savvy millennials love to turn their home into a smart home. Using up-to-date latest gadgets and incorporating technically stiff, personalized, and aesthetic products looks terrific with the home décor. When it comes to technologically advanced smart devices, what can be better than Zunpulse? From a range of exclusive products designed by industry experts, you can pick your desired one. Benefits? Let’s take a look at the superior features of these impressive devices.

Easy installation

Zunpulse has reached a new height and created a lot of buzz with its easy installation process. Plug your desired device and configure it according to your choice using your smartphone. Isn’t it simple? Smart products add luxury and glamour to your home and much-desired simplicity that can be accessed even by a novice person. The senior persons in your home can also enjoy these devices and control them without any hassle, just like you.

Control smart devices using your smartphone

Nowadays, we cannot think of spending a moment without our favorite smartphone. So if you can control all your smart devices available at your home by using your smartphone, what can be better than that? IoT Technology connects all the smart devices. You will have a user interface that will help you manage the operations of these devices without any hassle. Just one click and you are ready to operate your home appliances without moving from your bed.

What makes these smart devices unique and special?

Zunpulse has incorporated unique features to these products to add that special touch. Will you believe if someone says that you can operate your smart devices from anywhere in the world? Just an internet connection will enable you to run these designer-savvy products anytime, anywhere. For example, comparing a regular camera or a regular CCTV with Zunpulse’s camera will make you quickly identify the additional features and their differences.

The best part is these are athletically pleasing too. That is why this brand has managed to boost credibility in the market within a short period.

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Pranesh Chaudhary

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Pranesh – We are now one of India’s largest residential solar energy rooftop installers; however, providing access to clean, smart, and free electricity via solar was only the first half of the problem, the second half involved efficient utilization of this energy through IoT (Internet of Things). So, the next quest was to fulfill the increasing demand for affordable solutions in the smart homes segment. “We are solving energy issues by using a renewable source of energy but that is not enough if people waste the same clean energy with outdated tech and appliances. So, we are helping Indian homes automate and utilize energy efficiently through in-house developed IoT-enabled hardware and accompanying apps,” says Pranesh Chaudhary, Founder & CEO at zunpulse. For over two years now, zunpulse’s R&D team has been working towards leveraging IoT and efficiency in energy utilization.

When did you start your business?

Pranesh – Zunpulse is India’s fastest growing smart home automation brand launched in September 2020 with an aim to bridge electricity supply and consumption gaps in Indian homes through a range of clean and smart energy products.

What does success mean to your company?

Pranesh – Successfully bridging electricity supply and consumption gaps in Indian homes.

How are you performing currently?

Pranesh – So far the brand has sold over 1,00,000 smart home devices. 

What are your plans for the funding?

Pranesh – Every bit of funding helps when your mission is to bring smart and clean energy choices to the world. 

Currently, we have raised Rs 28.2 crore from the Godrej family fund in combined pre-Series A and Series A funding. We have also raised Rs 3.25 crore from angel investors including Ramakant Sharma, founder of Livspace, Pradeep Tharakan of ADB, Gaurav Gupta, partner at Dalberg and IIT Kharagpur seniors, along with a grant from USICEF.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Pranesh – Challenges are inevitable for any startup. In our case, we are creating a category of home-tech products and services for homeowners, which by definition is a hard business to build. We had to educate the customers rather than sell to them. 

What does growth mean to you and your business?

Pranesh – People across India are taking up and warming up to smart home products and it’s brilliance.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Pranesh – Currently there are hardly any players in the market who are providing a wide range of products functional through one single app. Zunpulse aims to change that. Homeowners will now be empowered with impeccable user experience as they are offered the future of living with state-of-the-art fully automated smart homes controlled by -one single app. These smart homes will equip the homeowners with multiple layers of security, control, automation, and convenience through the plug and play devices. The devices are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The zunpulse mobile App is available on Play Store and App Store. 

Where are your start-up services spread?

Pranesh – We are spread across pan-India.

What does it feel like to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel to get up every morning and getting on to work?

Pranesh – I am a strong believer in a start-up being a marathon and we need to run every day and that is what my typical day is. Also, building a startup is a lot about fire fighting your way through the day. Amongst all the chaos, I declutter my day by keeping the first half of the day to work on my personal projects and the second half for usual day to day meetings. Other than that my day includes exclusive time that I spend with my founding team members to catch-up with/without agenda. And I keep sneaking time during the day to refresh all the million dashboards that we have created in our journey thus far.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Pranesh – So far, we have empowered more than 50,000 Indian homes with IoT devices and are on a mission to empower 5 million Indian homes through IoT in the next five years.

Who supports you to stand this business and how?

Pranesh – Every single person associated with zunpulse – our employees, investors, and our customers are the support system of this brand that stands tall today. We are so excited and proud of the way that zunpulse has grown and its future perspectives. 

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