SaaS Startup NeoDove is Setting SMBs Up for Success Through its Telecalling Solution


When it comes to engaging with prospects and customers in a more personalized way, telecalling continues to remain a highly successful approach. Given how important telecalling is to businesses, the NeoDove Team set about transforming this process so that businesses could make more efficient use of it.

With an aim to enhance the sales and marketing outcomes of companies worldwide, NeoDove was founded by Ankit Kumar Agrawal, ex-Cvent and ex-CarDekho, and Arpit Khandelwal, IIT Bombay alumnus and ex-Ola, in January 2020.

Through NeoDove, Arpit and Ankit aim to alleviate the numerous problems that manually-driven lead and call management processes pose for a company. With their software, businesses can seamlessly streamline their telecalling, customer engagement and lead management processes.

More than 20 months have passed since the startup was founded, and it today is the fastest-growing telecalling CRM in India. NeoDove, since its launch, has developed an impressive presence across multiple industries such as fintech, edtech, automobile, retail, and so on. Leading brands like LenDenClub, DHA Fortune Group, MentorKart, and dealerships of OEMs such as Honda, TATA, Bajaj, Mahindra, etc. are among its hundreds of clients. 

“People tend to be hesitant about adopting newer technology because of its price, unpredictable results, and so on,” says Arpit, NeoDove’s co-founder. “At  NeoDove we pay special attention to such concerns because, at the end of the day, our users must benefit from our efforts. And with the progress that our users have been able to make, I can say with total certainty that our solution has served its purpose and will continue to do so.”

With features such as an autodialer for progressive and automated dialing, lead management system for real-time management of the sales pipeline, multichannel customer outreach and engagement through WhatsApp, email, and SMS with just one touch, integrations with various platforms such as your company’s website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Just Dial, and more, NeoDove optimizes your telecalling and sales engagement processes to ensure the best results from your telecalling team.

They have gained a lot of popularity among their users, thanks to the customizable and comprehensive nature of their solution. NeoDove releases relevant updates each month that make using the solution even more efficient and smoother. Their recent upgrades include integrations with IndiaMART and Exotel, configurable WhatsApp fields, SMS automation, and more. 

What makes NeoDove special is their versatile approach to providing solutions to their customers and one of their greatest assets is their Customer Success Team. The NeoDove Customer Success Team makes certain that their users receive the best support at every phase of their experience and achieve the success that NeoDove promises. 

The NeoDove Team’s philosophy has always been to build a solution that is both powerful as well as simple. The founding team knew that handling data on multiple Excel sheets, making phone calls peering at them incessantly, and other similar practices would have a detrimental effect on telecallers’ performance. NeoDove was built in such a way that it not only improved telecalling teams’ performance but also inspired its customers to leverage the immense potential of the telecalling process and encouraged them to expand their telecalling teams to connect with a wider customer base. 

In the months following their foundation, NeoDove has enabled its customers to increase their revenue by up to 5x. But that is not all, the total number of interactions made by their customers stands at a remarkable 10 million+ at present, and the number keeps climbing each day. 

“Both our team and our platform are here to enable our users to grow their business exponentially. It’s very gratifying not only to see what we’ve accomplished in the last few months but also how much our platform has benefited our users,” says Ankit, NeoDove’s co-founder. 

Now, about their progress in these months, following a successful $1.5 million seed funding round led by India Quotient in March 2021, NeoDove has significantly expanded its Marketing, Customer Success and Sales teams to be able to reach and provide to more customers. The company is witnessing a month-on-month growth of 2x whilst enabling businesses to increase theirs.

NeoDove’s journey began during the pandemic’s initial stages. During that time, most businesses had difficulty adapting to remote work. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, NeoDove remained committed to assisting businesses in smoothly transitioning to remote work. Today, thousands of users across the country consider their platform to be the ultimate solution to their customer and sales engagement needs. 

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