TAGLR: Now shoppers can enjoy the maximum benefit of shopping online


The world today is moving towards online shopping, and more retailers are moving to an e-commerce-based business. Shoppers can browse through various websites and find the most excellent products at optimal prices. The idea of having products delivered at the door-step is saving time in the new-age busy world. Besides, customers can shop at their convenience and ease. However, at times, shopping online can be tedious and frustrating. Whenever a buyer types the words ‘shop for,’ in a search engine, the chances are that he/she will get many unwanted responses. Every online shopper craves for the ideal match of their search results. 

What if there was a search engine that was out-and-out exclusively for shoppers? This is what Taglr does for you. Taglr is a search engine that came into existence in 2017. This particular search engine is dedicated specifically to those online shoppers who seek perfection in their shopping experience. 

Taglr is India’s first search engine that allows shoppers to browse around 0.8+ million products over 100+ websites. Not just that, Taglr also helps shoppers to compare the prices across various sites and choose their value for money. Taglr also supports the growing e-commerce businesses to get drive purchases by getting targeted customers to their websites. In a way, Taglr is the middleman that shoppers have longed for; it makes customers meet the most appropriate seller online. 

Through thorough market research and developments in AI and ML, Taglr brings ease to customers who otherwise had to browse through different websites to buy the best product and thus, saving precious time. Just one click on the product takes the shopper to the landing page from where he/she can make a direct purchase. 

Taglr is soon becoming the most beneficial search engine for online shopping lovers.

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