GreyAtom Fundraiser Opens New Avenues For Global Learning


Montane Ventures led a $1.2 million fundraiser for GreyAtom, the Mumbai based startup. It was cofounded in 2017 by a trio of entrepreneurs. This onsite-school was founded by Shweta Parekh Doshi, Mayuresh Shilotri, and Mitul Thakkar. It offers programs in emerging technologies for industry.

The primary investor of the GreyAtom is Pravega Ventures. This Company is quite young itself. It was founded in 2016, only a year before the inception of GreyAtom. The Company offers pre series A Stage capital to promising startups.

Josh Bornstein, partner at Montane Ventures said that he has faith in GreyAtom. GreyAtom’s “tech-first approach” impressed him. It will help students beyond theoretical learning.

Apart from Montane Ventures and Pravega Ventures, there is a contributor who must be named. Ritesh Arora, the cofounder and CEO of BrowserStack participated at a personal level.

GreyAtom provides a comprehensive learning experience for emerging technologies. Engineers studying Data Science and Machine Learning will benefit from the fund. Thakkar said that the fund will enable curriculum modification for industry-level learning.

G-Labs facilitates hands-on coding experience for all students. The fund will provide opportunities to diversify the learning. There is now room for courses in back-end engineering, for front-end engineering, and automation QA.

Students from all over India can access these courses. Thanks to the new “Income Share Agreement”, students won’t need to pay upfront. When they get a job, a fixed fraction of their income will go to GreyAtom.

GreyAtom came up with this payment plan to build trust with students. The Company aims to offer the education that the current Indian infrastructure lacks. G-Labs enables end-to-end learning. The fund made way for the practical skills the learners need.

With correct implementation of this structure GreyAtom students will witness a significant rise in employability. Indian engineers have a very low rate of employability in the global index. This has not discouraged Indian students from pursuing engineering. GreyAtom’s goal is to change employability for Indian engineers in the international context.

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