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In India, can we separate these two words, chai and tea? No! Indians love tea more than anything else. That is why you will find multiple abundant tea stalls in different parts of this beautiful country. When a particular tea stall is decorated nicely and creates a magical atmosphere, it adds another dimension. The perfect example of such as tea stall is Chai Calling. When Abhinav Tandon and Pramit Sharma, two best friends left their Fruit Salad Company and TCS job respectively to start Chai Calling, they invested all their passion and love for tea in it. The atmosphere and the quality of chai shout it all.

Enjoy a perfect cup of tea in a cozy atmosphere

Abhinav and Pramit, both are environment lovers. The breathtaking decoration and exceptionally cozy atmosphere give you a nostalgic touch of traditional tea stalls in India. You can feel the emotion after entering this incredible tea stall. Who doesn’t love to have Chai in a clay cup? It not only adds a great touch to the taste of your tea but also saves our nature as these teacups are bio-friendly.

Abhinav Tandon

What else you prefer with a cup of tea?

A cup of tea, some of your best friends, extreme laughter, great music, samosas, and other fries! What else you want? Everything you want is served in this enchanting place with Chai, sandwiches, samosas, veg puffs, cookies, and a lot more. It will magically spice of your daily tea experience.

Chai calling, a shop that thinks about their visitors

Other retail chains always focus on promotion and sales to maximize their productivity. Yes! Productivity is also required to survive in this competitive business world. But here is an exception. Chai Calling focuses not only on marketing and sales but also on the health, hygiene, and welfare of the visitors. That is why one of the outlets of this retail chain is located at MISSION Hospital and SRMS Hospital. 

The outlets are also found in different street zones of colleges, residential areas, institutions, malls, etc.

Pramit Sharma


Chai Calling always focuses on the health and hygiene of the visitors. But it doesn’t mean that just because of this cozy atmosphere and breathtaking decoration, the prices of teas cannot be afforded by common people. This tea stall is also famous for its low price range. So this is the best place to sit down, relax, eat and drink with your friends or special someone. 

Other stalls usually charge a bit more just because creating a magical environment inside the shop. Yes, it will indeed add a new dimension to your tea experience. But it doesn’t mean that you have to make a hole in your pocket to have a cup of tea.

Why people love Chai Calling

Chai Calling is not the name of a small tea shop. It’s a place where people unite and create memories. Chai Calling also offers multiple unique services. Apart from serving different delicious snacks with handmade tea, you can also hire them to serve in various events. 

People can enjoy the exceptional quality of tea from different parts of the world elegantly. 

Apart from that, if you are looking for premium quality herbal teas from different parts of the globe, your search ends. You will get your delivery maximum within 30 minutes at your doorstep.

Let’s enjoy a great cup of tea! 

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