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Story of Codexite, A Media Startup


Videos catch the attention of every digital media user these days and that too within a span of a few seconds.  Hence, video marketing has become an important marketing strategy over the past few years. And why not? Videos have the capability to communicate a message to the audience in the most captivating and engaging way. They help the customers understand your product and the services to you offer.

With the increasing use of digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook, two friends recognized the market potential of video marketing and co-founded a media company, Codexite. A Banglore based startup founded in 2012, Codexite makes films, promotional videos, 3D videos, corporate videos, motion graphics videos along with videos for startups. Codexite aims to solve the problem of marketing for companies by providing videos that convey promotional and marketing messages.


Abhranil Neogy, excited about entrepreneurship since childhood and inspired by the story of Ratan Tata, started off with some web development freelancers but in vain. One day he decided to start his own venture in collaboration with his childhood friend. Considering Disney as his biggest competitor, Abranil claims that Codexite is different in quality, experimental ideas, price, customer service and customer communication. Hiring people with the right skillset who are innovative, artistic and imaginative, fundraising and marketing have been the challenges faced throughout the journey.

Codexite is planning to start a new department that would work on augmented reality and virtual reality. Also, they will soon come up with an app which will allow people to customize videos on their own so that they don’t have to run after developers. It also plans to release an animation series. Settling down the company with proper infrastructure, getting investors, increasing brand awareness and public relations along with promotions are the immediate goals of the company.

Abranil asks upcoming entrepreneurs to not wait for the right time to start. If you are dedicated, the right time will knock on your door itself!


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