The Kia Associates startup story, Taking construction to the next step


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Founders – Uttam Thapa & Himadri Daimari

Construction business nowadays is seen to be emerging heavily in the market. With a number of companies emerging in the construction business, the two masterminds came up with an idea of starting The Kia Associates offering all the construction tools you need for a perfect make! Read through to know more about this interesting venture!

The Kia Associates

Found by Uttam Thapa and Himadri Daimari, Kia Associates is a company that offers the best available tools, materials and labour to perform your construction work. This company has managed to grab big clients namely Honda Showroom, Miniso Showroom and various other projects in the pipeline including Biggest Gym and Bar with Residential projects.

The Idea

Uttam Thapa, the founder, mentions that he was associated with multinational companies in Bangalore for the last 10 years. He gained a great amount of experience with firms like Urban Ladder, Homelane, Dell, etc. Likewise, Himadri Daimari, the co-founder of companies from accounting and banking background, settled in Bangalore.

Always masterminded in growing a business, they came up with the idea of construction support. They realised how swiftly the market of the North East has been blooming. They could see a gap between this development and the supply of material, labour and other support. And this bridging of the gap between the northeast and mainland India got them to the idea of evolving The Kia Associates. They started their business in September 2019 with their head office in Guwahati, Assam and Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

Success and challenges

Just like any other mindful entrepreneur, the founders of Kia Associates do not measure their success with profits. They believe that the quality of their service, your growing connections with labour, vendors, clients, etc. is what success means to them.

But then it comes to understanding the challenges this startup faced, being a new company, they’ve faced challenges in receiving money. While The Kia Associates have been quoting low prices with minimal profit margin, the payments not being processed comes up as the biggest challenge.

During the set up of the firm, the founder mentions that the biggest challenge for the company then was to express their services to people and the market. Informing them how you are different and what you can do to serve them made up for their biggest challenges during the setup.

Future of Kia Associates

Kia Associates team holds enough finance to expand their offices in other North-Eastern states. The firm is not just growing in terms of business but likewise in terms of expanding their team.

The material that Kia Associates connects companies and factories directly in order to help companies grab things at the lowest possible rates. Therefore, when it comes to the quality of labour, material or any tools, the team makes sure that they are dealing in the best.

Different services Kia Associates offers include designing to execution, interiors and exterior solutions, residential, restaurants, showroom, work for commercial, gym, bar, cafes etc. These include electrical, plumbing, designing, tiles, false ceiling, glass, carpentry, AC, etc.

Finally, in the coming time, the business looks forward to having their offices in all the 8 states of North East India. In fact, Bhutan is in the pipeline. Uttam Thapa feels proud about the support the two have received from the society, family, friends, clients, vendors, etc.

Final Words

It has been almost a year that Kia Associates has been struggling to grab good clients and grow their business. Interestingly, they have managed to achieve it!

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