HyLyt appoints Pooja Desai, former Mrs India as Brand Ambassador


HyLyt, a creative, innovative and advanced technology-based data management platform which is a completely ‘Made in India’ app that aims to offer reasonable solutions to businesses or companies in order to stay in control of data that matters appointed Pooja Desai as the brand ambassador, who is a former Mrs India 2019 from Vadodara. The advanced technology platform provides with multi-point search to modify information and customize views, that supports and helps towards businesses data supervision and decision-making in real-time without any delay.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of SocioRac, HyLyt said, “In order to support and build up the narrative of multi-tasking software, the image of a multi-talented woman will be an ideal match. The choice of Pooja Desai as a brand ambassador complements our product perfectly. Ms Desai represents the opportunities and challenges that managing business, motherhood, family signifies. In the same way, HyLyt indicates the multiple roles that it plays for new businesses, small businesses, start-ups, new entrepreneurs, women and others. HyLyt empowers businesses and our new brand ambassador epitomizes empowerment—hence we are looking forward to a great synergy through this tie-up.”

Ms Desai’s picture and video recording are been used by HyLyt for its promotional aspects. The platform which is an origin of India, with its advanced technology has drawn the attention of investments from the Government of Gujarat for additional research and development of this innovative and creative platform as a unique Make in India solution which is available to the global audiences as well.

Mrs Pooja Desai, while announcing the partnership said, “HyLyt is a multi-façade product that is positioned to make operations smooth in a data-driven world—very much like women who handle multiple daily responsibilities in home and career. I am happy to be associated with such a brand that actually resembles and portrays the similarity so much.”

HyLyt makes it easy to run its advanced technology platform with just a click across multiple channels. It serves its customers with a relational matrix structure which allows one to design and arrange data and further add 10 unique and innovative tags to each and every piece of information that one saves, making the data more effective and easy to search. HyLyt has even designed an innovative technology that coordinates data and information saved on the cloud with the help of search engines in the app, using keywords and advanced search methods.

In order to provide with best choices to the founders or leaders in today’s startups and MSME’s, HyLyt offers businesses and companies with a choice of hosting company’s information on their own server if one wishes to, withdraw information and confine access, perhaps, protecting business information accessibility, credibility and modified information access permissions of a mixed working environment. HyLyt aims to create 2.5 billion working hours of extra productive time by the end of 2025, by using digital innovative technology and helping to manage digital information overloaded that today’s businesses produce.

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