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MommyPure, the best baby care product brand, finally revealed their success mantra


Website – MommyPure

Founder – Gaurav Katiyar

MommyPure became one of the biggest retailers of precious baby products by following in the footsteps of market giants like Amazon. The magnificent baby care industry is about to turnaround after spending a whole lot of time with sagging sales. Small brands like MommyPure have started overpowering larger competitors with their hi-tech gear, chemical-free, and paraben-free baby products. Today’s parents only want the best for their beloved babies, and in that case, the chemical-free caring baby product will become the only success mantra in the coming decades.

MommyPure understands parents’ sentiments and demands because a newly born baby’s proud parents own this brand. Mother Nature has spread her arms for her babies with uncountable pure and natural ingredients. Why should we embrace chemicals for personal care when we can feel the extreme purity, great calmness, and magical refreshment of the lap of nature?

Millennial parents have fewer kids. So they usually prefer the quality over quantity approach. The products of MommyPure are a bundle of joy that you can gift to your baby to keep her beautiful, safe, and clean. 

The success mantra of MommyPure

MommyPure has reduced its price to appeal to all the cost-conscious parents who want to scrimp on high-value products. An exclusive line up of chemical-free baby care products from shampoos to diapers or even precious skin-care products never fail to impress today’s health-conscious parents.

When it comes to ingredients, MommyPure has already acknowledged the broadening demand of parents for more transparency.

The owners of this reliable brand started tapping into the natural ingredients for their exclusive baby care products. That’s because, as responsible parents, they understand how the power of life stage shifts from taking the responsibility of marriage to having a beautiful baby. They always try to think from the parents’ perspective while creating these incredible baby products.

Rattling changes in lifestyle

MommyPure started hunting for shopper loyalty by investing in head to toe baby products. In just a few months, parents increasingly invest more in cleaner products. Organic ingredients always reduce the price of manufacturing. As a result, they started appearing more appealing to the new parents with their affordable price range.

Transparency extended this mission to a great extent. Expansion of online shopping options and digital stores enables parents to make better and more responsible choices. 

In short, the extensive growth of consumerism helped this brand in improving their services even more.

On the other hand, social media enabled them to gain more confidence. These are magical platforms that can make you an influencer overnight, just with a great selfie. But the owners were not overly glamorous nor megastars. They started sharing their newly launched products frequently, and it became desirable in some time. Parents started spotting these low price harmless products for their babies, and they loved it.

MommyPure believes that the most crucial business partner is their customers. So they only work towards satisfying their clients by launching affordable premium baby product range for their little ones. Soon from a startup, they transformed into a brand.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

Gaurav Katiyar – Almost five odd years ago, my wife and I began to make gradual, yet steady lifestyle changes which were oriented towards more natural, cleaner, sustainable and healthier choices. Our ideologies as a couple were in sync and this quest to live a cleaner holistic lifestyle became stronger even before we decided to grow our family.

The trigger would not have happened, had we not struggled to spot and pick products from retail stores- from consumable items, skin and hair care or otherwise, the description and  buzzwords on ingredients etc. was all so confusing. It seemed as if every other brand was speaking the same language and yet so many aspects were not clear. I was indeed surprised when my relatives and friends shared a similar sentiment. How was organic different from natural or herbal or 100%safe – it was tough to comprehend.

Being inquisitive is an integral part of my personality and I soon started connecting with experts on various platforms; picked up books and started reading up on DIY skin and hair care products (amongst other categories) which could be created using plant based ingredients. I started experimenting with botanical extracts to create soft, calming body wash and shampoo- all at home! That was just the start and soon I felt the urge to work on this in a more systematic and research backed manner.

When did you start your business?

Gaurav Katiyar – Our official website (, went live earlier this year, in February 2020. At the same time we created a brand presence on  Instagram and Facebook to share expert opinions on parenting, pregnancy and wellness related topics. After that, a holistic baby care and wellness product range was launched in the Indian retail market in mid 2020. Our entire range is currently available on our official website and leading  e-commerce players including Amazon, Flipkart, Smytten, Paytm Mall and Little Black Book.

What does success mean to your company?

Gaurav Katiyar – Being the preferred choice and becoming a part of the lives of millennial parents and families who are consciously looking at ways of leading a healthier and holistic lifestyle!

How are you performing currently?

Gaurav Katiyar – We are overwhelmed with the response which we’ve received. We are growing organically at almost 100% rate month on month.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Gaurav Katiyar – It’s imperative to make sure that supply chains are not disrupted. That is a risk which we need to address at every given point of time. We are a brand with a long term vision and building and sustaining a team that believes in this vision is another crucial aspect, which if ignored can act as a deterrent in our growth. Last but not the least, we need to work towards meeting the demands of a discerning and evolved consumer base.

What are your plans for funding?

Gaurav Katiyar – We are currently a bootstrapped entity and I believe getting external funding in the near future will play a critical role in empowering us to innovate- product wise and help in making our product portfolio accessible to consumers in a wider market.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

Gaurav Katiyar – Researching on creating a 100% natural plant based product portfolio which would meet the highest standards of international quality was certainly a daunting task- one which took almost three years. India continues to be a price sensitive market and to be able to find a sweet spot that would be in sync with expectations of our target audience in this market was another critical aspect.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

Gaurav Katiyar – Our focus is customer satisfaction and seeing happy parents which will further enhance our brand presence yielding more revenue.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Gaurav Katiyar – We are the only brand in India to have launched ‘category first’ innovative products– which are 100% natural and plant based. Our comforting baby bum butter and refreshing baby bottom wash which together soothe a baby’s delicate skin during every diaper change is something which was earlier not available in the Indian market.

We are also India’s first baby care brand certified by CertClean- North America’s Leading Certification For Safer Beauty and Personal Care Products. The entire product range is  completely free from ingredients including parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and harmful preservatives which may pose potential risks to the human neurological, hormonal & reproductive system. Not just that, we are India’s 1st Certified Plastic Negative brand by repurpose Global. We have pledged to offset 2x of our plastic footprint by donating a percentage from every product sale, towards vetted programs that will collect and recycle twice as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging and operations.

Most importantly, as a brand we have chosen to fully disclose our ingredients lists on each and every label and on our website (undr the product details pages). We have gone ahead and explained from where we have sourced each of our ingredients, their benefits, how they are made- just so that we can empower families to get educated before they make a choice for their babies.

Where are your start-up services spread?

Gaurav Katiyar – Currently we have a strong presence on the digital front. Pur products can be purchased from our website and leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Smytten, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal, etc.

What does it feel to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel getting up every morning and getting on to work?
Gaurav Katiyar – Being a startup founder is something which I always dreamt of doing and I feel blessed that the universe has given me an opportunity to live this dream. There is an adrenaline rush getting up every morning and going to work, thinking and executing new plans across business operations, product developments, marketing etc. There is lot of learning everyday and as an entrepreneur and an individual I’m evolving with every passing day

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Gaurav Katiyar – We foresee a strong retail presence across India including partnering with maternity hospitals and clinics across key cities. Entering global markets like the United States is part of our long term vision.

Who supports you to stand this business and how?

Gaurav Katiyar – There is strong support from friends and family which has enabled me to manifest the idea into reality.

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