Bringing a tough competition in the Sleep Game, ShinySleep is the new rival of the mattress industry


Website – ShinySleep

Founder – Tarun Chugh

What is the common health problem a 9 to 5 working professional faces? Neck and back pain. Most of us can actually relate! Tarun Chugh was one of the sufferers of this problem too. Having spent over INR 50,000, nothing solved his backache. And it was this problem that he took as an opportunity to develop his new startup story in mid-2017.

Tarun Chugh and his wife Neha Chugh started an interesting mattress company named ShinySleep where they manufactured mattresses out of the NASA made memory foam. It took the couple a year to complete the research and development of this innovative and comforting product.

Tarun initially realised that the sales of the mattresses were more about how much a customer could afford. Shopkeepers asked the customers their budget before they could show the best available product in the budget of the customer. Tarun started buying mattresses from different brands (check MyBestMattress for a complete list) and collected data in order to actually understand this industry. Tarun spent most of his weekend in the mattress shops to do his mattress study.

Soon, they sourced memory foam, created an easy manufacturing unit and performed complete R&D of their product with the help of their family and friends. Post three months of testing, they managed to start selling the mattresses online.

They were pretty successful and grew in the industry in the past two years holding a team of 30 people at the moment.

Costing around INR 12,000 this company offers mattresses with a range of 6000 to INR 13,000. The company currently has a very nominal margin and follows a direct to the customer sales approach. The startup has already touched revenues over 12.5 lakhs expecting a turnover of around 40 lakhs this year. The startup has seen at least a 20% growth annually. While they sold around 70 mattresses in the first quarter of their incorporation in 2017, today they have sold more than 1000 mattresses in the market.

The Future of ShinySleep

The startup further aims to bring a variety of products to the market including pillows, comforters and other varieties of mattresses. Quality of sleep is the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction for the company. Furthermore, they aim to not just grow in India but also abroad. While the mattress market remains to have a turnover of over 10,000 crores, SleepShiny aims to grow both horizontally and vertically competing with the big and popular mattress brands of India.

Final Words

ShinySleep has come up with a very innovative product in the industry. Research and development have made this company change the entire face of the mattress industry with something really helpful for the customers. Try out ShinySleep and enjoy heavy discounts with their latest discount deal of INR 1500 off and INR 200 cashback from 1st to 10th Feb. Stay updated with more deals on its official website!

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