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India today is one of the prominent players in the domain of flexible co-working spaces in the entire Asia Pacific region. Considering the statistics reported by CBRE, the first quarter of 2019 saw an increase of over 52% in the spaces compared to 2018. The co-working spaces region has risen to approximately 4.6 million square feet. While the number speak for themselves, a popular co-working spaces start-up did not set back to grab this opportunity and grow in the collaborative working market. Grabbing the market in north India, Spring House is one of the prominent players in the co-working spaces. Here’s what the story of Spring House looks like!

The Spring House Co-working

Spring House believes that the future of working spaces and corporates lies in a cooperative and collaborative working environment. They believe that after entrepreneurship, commerce and innovation, the concept of a shared economy shall be the next powerful trend in our economy. And to enhance this trend to its full potential, Spring House is working day and night making coworking a success.

Spring House has its coworking spaces operating in Lucknow and NCR. They offer virtual office address services to enhance the portfolios of the small individual companies to a great level.

Why Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are the working spaces a huge population looks up to especially the small startups and individual freelancers. People who worked remotely and could not afford expensive office spaces have not got an opportunity to come out in the market and work as a regular ordinary office man but in much better conditions. Collaborative working, engaging with others in the office environment and learning have been the perks of co-working spaces. And these have not just benefited people with a space to work but also in terms of growing and learning.

Mobility is growing in demand

The present-day working-class people are more interested in flexible working options than a specific 9-5 job at an office. Millennials today are start-up enthusiasts and look forward to the best opportunities to start one. While the era of working and settling in a career is seen to have a massive shift, the new age working environment has popped in with a huge demand for co-working spaces. Conclusively, one can say that these spaces have been a better learning environment than other business schools.

The face of Spring House today!

Serving as a coworking community, Spring House has got customised spaces for like-minded people with common passion towards work. Today, they cover 14 location in Delhi, NCR and are spread over with 2,00,000 square feet area. The high-end security, technology and customised solutions have got the Spring House to rise so hugely today.

They offer not just working spaces in terms of co-working but various other customised packages including private offices, shared workspaces, event space, day access, virtual offices. They believe in helping their customers focus on their work while they take care of all the required amenities. These amenities include fast internet, in-house pantry, housekeeping, printers and scanners, tea, coffee, bio-metrics for security and anything and everything to support your work. Having grown massively today, they do not wish to stop and have continuously innovating themselves to better.

The man behind Spring House Coworking

Mukul Pasricha, the founder and the CEO of Spring House Coworking, started his entrepreneurial journey five years back. After he earned his MBA at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, he managed to plan out and start his venture called Spring House Coworking. Until then, he has loaded experience into IT Risk & Assurance domain at Ernst & Young (EY), serving the Technology, Communication as well as Entertainment clients.

He aimed to build a community for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, innovators and anyone willing to make a change. And offering co-working spaces at economical prices was one of the best ideas that strike his mind.

At Spring House Coworking, Mukul works on the overall expansion, acquisition, marketing and sales of the business. He interacts with other start-ups, mentors and business angles to learn more and keep growing his business of collaborative workspaces.

Final words

Having grabbed a big market in northern India, Spring House looks forward to spreading all over offering economical solutions to the market as a whole.

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